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#BookTour: Moonlight and Magic Daughters of Selene 1 by @RebeccaAiries #Fantasy #PNR

An evil ghost. A mystical warrior. Either way, her heart's in trouble.

Lorelei is searching for the truth. A witch, part Erysi, she needs to discover who the ghost terrorizing the city is, even if it is her grandmother, and stop that spirit before anyone else gets hurt. The treachery she uncovers goes deeper than she ever imagined and leads her to a gorgeous, arrogant, muscled, Erysi warrior who makes her burn with desire.

Quintus needs to get back to his mission after being encased in a spell for years. Helping sexy witch, Lorelei, might help him get that back on track, because her grandmother was probably deeply involved in every part of it. Every time they're together, it's hard to keep his mind on the hunt and off her sweet body. The attraction between them burns out of control.

Lorelei and Quintus' hunt leads them to a plot that could rip apart the lives of innocents. They must work together if they hope to stop the dangerous scheme. Even as she fights at his side, she falls for him. With so much danger around them, she can't risk love or weakness. Maybe after they finish the fight, they can claim the love building between them.

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Excerpt – Adult Content

She drew in a breath. Even through her clothing, that contact seared. She leaned closer to him. His spicy scent swirled around her, more intoxicating than the wine. She grazed her fingers across his cheek. So handsome, but not in a clean cut, always neat and perfect way.
Her fingers tingled, the urge to finger-comb his windblown, black hair pulsing through her. After she did that, she’d get rid of that slightly rumpled white shirt and skim her hands over the muscles.
She closed her eyes. Get control of yourself. Don’t start drooling.
She pressed her lips to his. Electric prickles arced over her skin. His mouth opened beneath hers, letting her tongue slide inside. He tasted so right. She reached up and clenched a handful of his hair.
His arms curled around her, pulling her close. Just where she wanted to be. Their tongues glided and tangled. She couldn’t get enough.
Tension coursed through her body and her pulse doubled. His hand drifted down her back. Prickles skittered along the meandering path. Her nipples tightened. An ache built in her core. By the moon, he made her feel so much. She ran her fingers over his chest.
He drew back. She grabbed a handful of his shirt. Not yet. They were interrupted or had to stop every damn time.
“I want to explore. Do you want that?” Two of his fingers slipped under the edge of her shirt.
“Yes.” She cupped the back of his neck. As long as they finished this time. She couldn’t take another bout of frustration. “I want to see you without these clothes.”
“I want to feel you against me without yours.” He pulled back enough to unbutton her shirt.
He didn’t get to have all the fun. She tugged at his shirt. If she got him out of it, she could touch and explore that muscular expanse. She pushed the buttons through the holes. The white fabric gaped revealing his sun-kissed skin. Oh, my. All that golden skin.
She hummed, but shook her head. First things first. She couldn’t lick him all over as if he was the most decadent ice cream sundae ever created unless she got him out of that shirt.
His fingers pushed her blouse wide slowly as if he relished the reveal. The heat in his eyes seared her. She licked her lips. Soon, those spark-inducing hands would run over her body. The glowing embers of desire flared to a full blaze. But not before I can do the same to him. Just have to get through these last few buttons.
He traced the edge of her bra with the tips of his fingers. Current zipped over her skin. She gulped in a shaky breath. Her nipples tightened beneath the silky fabric. Whatever this thing was between them, it was potent.
“Such gorgeous breasts, firm and full.” His attention remained locked on the mounds as he flicked at the catch. “I want to taste them.”
“You can do that, but I plan to trail my lips all over you.” She pushed her hands beneath his shirt.
She drew her fingers over his chest and tilted her head. Heat radiated from his body. Damn, he was warm. Whatever he was holding back, it could wait.
She ran her hands up to his shoulders. The muscles flexed and rippled. She could watch that all night.
His lips brushed against her shoulder and neck. Tickles danced across her skin. She tilted her head to the side. She moaned. He could do that as much as he liked.
She drew her hands down his muscled abdomen. A light line of hair guided her down to the edge of his jeans. She slipped her fingertips under the waistband. Those had to go. His hips pushed forward as if encouraging her to continue her investigations.
She worked at the fastening, pushing the button through the hole, and drawing down the zipper. The gap widened, revealing deliciously golden skin. She slid her hand inside. Damn, he was wearing underwear. He could have forgone that part of Earth customs.
She stroked her fingers up and down the thick length. More than enough for a good ride. His hips rocked upward. A groan tore from his lips. His fingers clasped around her wrist.
“You’ll make me come before I have a chance to taste you.” He lifted her hand and kissed it. “Keep your hands above my waist for a while, little witch.”

Author Bio

Rebecca Airies has always loved to read. Futuristic, the classics, mystery, horror and of course romance from sweet to extra spicy--the genre doesn’t matter as long as the stories capture her interest and take her on an adventure. She soon discovered a love for writing and characters just waiting to tell their stories. Since that time, writing has become an obsession.
Rebecca lives in Abilene, Texas. She loves the outdoors, growing things, and working on crafts when she’s not lost in the worlds of her characters.

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Friday, January 26, 2018

Book Tour: Catching Keira—A Witch’s Destiny 1 by @RebeccaAiries

Her destiny comes with blades and fangs.

Catching Keira is a re-release. It has been heavily edited and retitled.

Her goal: reclaim an amulet and go home

Keira A’Darcin doesn’t need distractions. An encounter with gorgeous, dragon warrior Rath  tempts her to put aside her worries and enjoy a night in his arms. When morning comes, duty leads her away from him. As she continues on her journey, danger forces her to claim a pair of ancient weapons, changing her life.

Rath hunts the dark sorcerer targeting cities under dragon protection. His search leads him to a trap and then to Keira. Intense attraction burns between him and the sexy witch. Every touch makes him wonder if she’s the one for him and Damon?

In the last few weeks, vampire Damon Ro’Teir has helped rebuild cities and fought battles. He hadn’t expected to find their witch-mate in the middle of the chaos. Now that  he has, he isn’t letting her go.  Keira’s fierce, strong, passionate, and more than a match for him and Rath.

Although the desire grows hot between them, their enemy grows stronger. Witch, dragon, and vampire, they’ll have to work together to defeat an enemy determined to claim the power Keira now holds.

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Excerpt  - Heat Level PG13

Keira’s eyes snapped open and she jerked forward. A hot lancing ache sliced through her neck where Rath’s teeth still dug into her flesh. She winced and froze. A dark-haired man wearing a long, flowing silver cloak stood at the end of the street. A huge merdanon waited beside him. She took a deep breath. That minion was going to die.
It had to be a minion, a lesser Dark Sorcerer. No Dark Sorcerer had ever spoken of themselves as if they were another person.
She cocked her head. Either that was a tall merdanon or the sorcerer was short. And younger than most Dark Sorcerers. She shook her head. His age didn’t matter. He was part of this destruction. He wore a deep red shirt and red pants. She shook her head. Was red supposed to be Gelain’s color?
Rath’s mouth worked at her neck for a little longer. He swallowed, but still there wasn’t the same drawing pull as with Damon. His tongue laved over the four punctures. The heat hit another high. Not from magic this time. She shivered and gulped. He finished. They should get to work. She tried to step away. He tugged her back against his chest.
“I’d never give you up to him.” His lips brushed against the shell of her ear.
“As if I’d walk over to him even if you did. Let’s deal with this minion and get on with clearing the city. I would like to eventually get back to sleep tonight.” She straightened.
The black-haired sorcerer stood at the end of the street, waiting. Did he expect Rath to urge her to go? Who had he dealt with in the past?
Tremors ran down her body and icy cold crept through her. Someone handed a witch to him at some point. Her fingers tightened on the sword. Oh, Lady. The Master Dark Sorcerer Gelain had at least one witch in his stronghold.
He couldn’t take power like a dragon or vampire would, but there were spells to leech power from a witch or wizard into a crystal. Any sorcerer could use the crystal to power large spells. She rolled her shoulders. They had to find him and make sure he couldn’t hurt anyone else.
“We have to stop him.” She glanced back at Rath, before facing the damn minion.
The Dark Sorcerer at the end of the street stepped forward. He was merely a follower. Before the night was finished, he wouldn’t be a problem. They needed to stop the master.
A black mist formed. It swirled and opened. Damon stepped out. Her throat tightened and her heart hammered against her chest. He was outside her shield. She raised her hand. Before she could extend her shield, he walked forward.
“I agree. He definitely won’t be going back to his master.” Damon neared her shield, but didn’t slow. He walked right through it and stopped beside them.
Keira blinked and gasped. How had he strolled through her shields? No magic should have been able to pass through them. She shook her head. Ask about it later. Work now.
“I called for you over five merdanons ago.” Keira narrowed her eyes. “Where were you?”
“I knew Rath had arrived. The feel of his magic is unmistakable. Since he was here, I stayed where I was needed until others arrived to help.” His hand brushed over her cheek.
She shook her head. Chat time was over. The Dark Sorcerer drew himself to his full height.
Flipping his cloak back over his shoulder, the sorcerer raised his hands. An energy orb flared between his palms. “If you don’t give the witch to me, I’ll take her from you after you’re dead. It won’t matter if she’s a little singed.”

Author Bio
Rebecca Airies has always loved to read. Futuristic, the classics, mystery, horror and of course romance from sweet to extra spicy--the genre doesn’t matter as long as the stories capture her interest and take her on an adventure. She soon discovered a love for writing and characters just waiting to tell their stories. Since that time, writing has become an obsession.
Rebecca lives in Abilene, Texas. She loves the outdoors, growing things, and working on crafts when she’s not lost in the worlds of her characters.

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