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#Giveaway #BookTour #NewRelease Missing the Crown Jewels by @VClarizio (A Chandler County Novel)

Missing the Crown Jewels by Valerie J. Clarizio

A Chandler County Novel

Sometimes it takes a bit of chaos to sort out one's life.

After a devastating divorce, Peyton Crown is finally surfacing from a dark hole of despair. She finds herself hoping for a new life with Mason ‘Storm’ Starr, her brother’s best friend.

Storm’s intent is simple: hide in the quiet confines of his best friend’s family horse ranch in Kentucky. The perfect place to sort out his life after walking away from the Army, and fight his internal demons. His solitude is interrupted by his buddy’s little sister. The chemistry between them is off the charts, and he willing surrenders the battle.

The Crown family begins receiving threats, just weeks before the Kentucky Derby. The overprotective men in Peyton’s life vow to keep 24/7 tabs on her and the family’s prize horse—Prince Bourbonville—a hopeful for the next Triple Crown. Circumstances arise that threaten to keep Peyton and Prince away from the derby, but Storm and her brother Coach are determined they’ll attend, no matter the sacrifice.

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Get to know Mason Starr a.k.a. Storm
Gender:  Male
Age: Thirty-Six
Profession:  Co-Manager of the Crown Horse Farm (Secretly, I'm also co-owner of a business that runs extensive background checks for the Federal Government and private businesses).
Do you have any special skills or training? 
I have a Police Science degree and spent 12 years in the Army.
How would you describe yourself? 
Who is your significant other(s)? 
Peyton Crown is on my radar.
How would they describe you? 
Tell us about your family. 
I grew up on a small dairy farm in Wisconsin. I had a good, wholesome upbringing.
What do you think was left unsettled in your story? 
You see, I suffer from PTSD but working on the horse farm and spending time with the Crown family has helped me to make progress.
If you could change anything about your story what would it be? 
I would have made a move for Peyton far sooner than I did.  So much valuable time was wasted. Time that I could have spent with her.

About the Author:
Valerie Clarizio lives in romantic Door County Wisconsin with her husband and two extremely spoiled cats. She loves to read, write, and spend time at her cabin in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
She’s lived her life surrounded by men, three brothers, a husband, and a male Siamese cat who required his own instruction manual. Keeping up with all the men in her life has turned her into an outdoors enthusiast, of which her favorite activity is hiking in national parks. While out on the trails, she has plenty of time to conjure up irresistible characters and unique storylines for her next romantic suspense or sweet contemporary romance novel.

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HIS KILLING PRINCESS by @AprilZyon #darkromance #bdsm #mafia @EvernightPub

Antonio Bruno always knew that secrets and death were a part of the life he chose, so he never intended to fall in love with Emily Reynolds, a woman who embodies innocence. He attempts to shield her from his life as second in command of the Italian Mob, but sometimes the best-laid plans can come apart at the seams.

Emily is no stranger to secrets herself. One thing she’s always been truthful about is how much she loves Tony. When a home invasion steals her from his life, one twisted lie turns into another, pitting these two lovers against one another. 

Despite the odds, there’s a chance Tony and Emily can fight to save their relationship. That's if they aren’t killed in the process of finding the traitor in the midst of the Italian Mafia. Can these star-crossed lovers weed through all of the deception? And how far are they willing to go to be together?

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Emily and Antonio met by pure chance. She had been thinking of their meeting just as much as she had been thinking of their past, mostly because she was thinking of a future with him. She was thinking of a future with him because of another huge secret she was holding from him.
She sighed and closed her eyes. God, she had so much to tell him. She just prayed the man would understand. Then again, he was a killer as well, with a code as strong as her own. She lay in their bed and waited for him. As soon as he entered the room, all thoughts of telling him anything flew out the door and instead she knew he needed to simply forget. They had been together for five months, in that time they hadn’t used protection from the first moment they got together which brought her to the thoughts she was having about their futures now.
That was the thing about them sharing professions. She could read his body language better than he likely knew she could. Emily rose to her feet and walked to Tony. As she moved toward him, she stripped out of her negligée and stood before him in all her naked glory. She knew what he saw. Emily wasn’t shy about her body any longer. She now embraced her womanly attributes, and that was all thanks to Antonio.
She had scars, ones that couldn’t be hidden but had been explained away easily enough with the smallest of lies, ones she had hated to tell him and couldn’t wait to tell him the truth on. As he had told her before, her breasts were the size of ripe grapefruits, her skin a pale milk color, and her hair as red as fire. Or so he liked to tell her.
She moved to Tony silently and began to strip him of his clothes, loving the way her pale skin looked against his very dark skin. Sliding Tony’s shirt from his body, she scraped her nails over his beautifully toned six pack abs and looked up into his troubled eyes. “Hard day?” she asked while working on his pants.
She felt emboldened by this man. It was hard to imagine that before him she had been a virgin. She had killed a hundred horrible men but never had taken a lover. Tony had been intense, wonderful, and she had known from the moment she met him that he was the one for her.
“You have no idea, sweetheart.” Tony took her hand in his and shook his head. “You know that is not how I play.” He growled lightly at her and then leaned down, taking one of her nipples into his mouth and suckling hard. “I do love being greeted at the door by you naked, however. From here out I think you should greet me like this when I come home, but only when I text you and tell you I’m coming home alone. I would hate to kill a friend who saw my woman naked.”
She shivered. Had any other man demanded anything of her like that she would kill them and leave their bodies for the cops to find. Period. She wasn’t one to be commanded, but with Tony, it turned her on. She seemed to need it. “Yes, Sir.” She bowed her head in supplication. She knew she would do anything he asked her to do. She would because she knew he would always ensure she had pleasure, no matter what. Tony would do anything for Emily just as she would for him.
“Are you hungry?”
“Only for you, Emmy girl, only for you,” Tony said only a second before he picked her up and carried her to their bedroom. 
Emily held back her laughter when he tossed her on the bed, because she saw the look of sheer bleak need on his face. She reached back, grabbed the headboard, and watched him strip. He all but radiated the need to control, the need to dominate in a way that eclipsed anything they had ever shared before, and it almost scared her, almost.
Author Bio: 
Having been a lover of the written word all her life April has always wanted to expand her horizons and write something that could be shared with the world. Only one thing held April back, the fact that the letters and numbers mixed and jumbled more often than not. Diagnosed with Dyslexia when she was eight years old April had to work her butt off just to be able to keep up with the other kids in reading and writing, so her love for fictional writing was tossed to the wayside for the moment.
Time marched on, as it always does, and she forgot her childhood dream of becoming an author and instead focused on what she had to—creating a career for herself.
As the endless waves of time passed the shores became less rocky and more sandy, a place where she could find an even foot. That and Microsoft invented Word. Hallelujah.
This is where April began her journey into the written world, the world that her imagination had been ceaselessly creating for her entire adult life.
Now she has been given a chance to let her literary wings unfold and fly, thanks to the amazing publisher Evernight Publishing.
Now it's time to let the dream take flight and watch it soar!
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The Baby Maker by Margaret Tanner - Get your #Romance today! #HEA #LoveStories

His name and his money are the only things war hero, Tye Jamieson, can offer Jenny McKenzie and their unborn child.
Tye is an expert at making babies, but not of the human variety. His babies are sophisticated fighter planes. Now that he has made a real baby, he is desperate to protect it if his secret mission into war-torn Iraq goes bad.
When tragedy strikes, will Jenny be able to forgive him for the way he has deceived her?

“God, you’re beautiful.”  Feather-light, his fingers stroked her cheek. “If I’d met you ten years ago, I might have married you.”
“I,” she nearly said love you, “think you’re incredibly attractive.”
“Yeah, well, I’m too selfish and cynical for someone brought up the way you were.  You’re a giver, a sincere, compassionate person.  You feel things for people.  Me, I take what I want and to hell with everyone else.”
“It isn’t true.  You risked your life flying that plane out of the residential areas.”
He gave a short, sharp laugh, devoid of humor. “I weighed the odds, took my chances and it paid off. It was dangerous.” He shrugged. “But I’ve always been reckless.  I’m addicted to the adrenalin rush. A quiet suburban life isn’t for me; that’s one of the reasons why there’s no future for us together.  You couldn’t live in my world, and I wouldn’t want to live in yours.  Let’s face it, the only thing we’ve got going for us is sexual chemistry.”
She almost told him that for a start, it would be enough, but stopped herself in case she sounded desperate.
He suddenly stood up.  “Goodbye, Jenny.” He strode from the room, forcing himself not to glance back.
Too many things had happened to him in the past that he couldn’t tell her about. Too many things might happen in the future that he dared not tell her. He couldn’t expose her to danger.  He cared too much.  There – he finally admitted it to himself. 
He wanted sex with her.  Oh, God, to feel that soft white body trembling under his. To taste and smell the scent of her arousal.  To fire up the passion he knew she was capable of with the right man. 
She didn’t have much experience, a few fumbled, unsatisfactory sessions with some youth in the back of a car, most probably.  He wanted to show her what it could be like between a man and a woman. Wanted to pet and play with her.  Make wild, rapturous love for hours on end.
He couldn’t break her heart, and heartache was all he could offer. He wanted to yell out with the regret for what might have been, before he became mixed up in the dangerous, murky world of   espionage.
EXCERPT 4 – Adult
She hadn’t even reached the letterbox when there was a tremendous bang. She swung around and a shocking sight met her eyes.  It was horrific.  The Littles’ ramshackle house had erupted into a fireball.  She raced back but the flames were fierce, all consuming, the heat so intense it stopped her dead in her tracks.
“Mrs. Little, George.”  She started screaming and couldn’t stop.  She ran back and forth in front of the burning house like a crazy woman. She had to get in.  Had to do something.
Suddenly there was a massive explosion and the house was blown to smithereens.  Pieces of burning rubble shot upward and outward. Mesmerized, she watched what looked like the burning leg of a table hurtling toward her. For a split second she froze.  The sudden pain in her forehead was excruciating, felling her instantly and she felt her head slam onto the concrete path.
“What’s your name, Miss?” A voice kept repeating.
She tried to open her eyes but couldn’t. Who was she? She didn’t know and didn’t really care. All she wanted to do was keep her eyes closed, and shut out the sight of a fiery inferno. Maybe she had died and gone down to hell. To burn for all eternity, but she couldn’t remember being bad, couldn’t remember anything much.
She felt herself being lifted up. Perhaps she was on her way to heaven instead.  Heaven or hell she thought, wondering why she hovered between the two places.  The Devil and God obviously couldn’t decide which one of them wanted her most.  She started laughing, strange having two such deities fighting over her.
Finally, she opened her eyes and the world no longer appeared topsy-turvy, but her tongue was stuck to the roof of her mouth, her throat parched.
“You awake now?”
“Mm.” It was hard keeping her eyes open when the lids felt like they were glued together. “Am I dead?”
“No, but you’ve sustained severe head trauma,” the disemboweled male voice said.  “We’re keeping you in the police hospital for observation.”
“Oh?” She blinked several times until her eyes focused.  “You’re a policeman?  Did I break the law?”
“You tell me, Miss.”
Two others suddenly joined the one policeman.
“This chick’s off her face, probably high on drugs?” one of the newcomers said.
Did she take drugs? It was all too much effort, she would rather close her eyes and go back to sleep.
“Wake up,” an irate male voice snapped in her ear.  “We’ve got some questions for you, lady.”
She opened her eyes and an older policeman started jabbing her in the shoulder. “We’ve wasted enough time. Who the hell are you? Who paid you to do it?”
Who was she? She grappled to remember, but couldn’t. “I, I don’t know.”
“Crap,” her interrogator snarled.  “A night in the cells with the other junkies might jog your memory and loosen your tongue.”

Author Bio

Margaret Tanner is an award winning, multi-published Australian author, who writes Contemporary Romance, Historical Romance and Western Romance. She loves delving into the pages of history as she carries out research for her historical romance novels. No book is too old or tattered for her to trawl through, no museum too dusty. Many of her novels have been inspired by true events, with one being written around the hardships and triumphs of her pioneering ancestors in frontier Australia. She once spent a couple of hours in an old goal cell so she could feel the chilling cold and fear.
Her favorite historical period is the 1st World War, and she has visited the battlefields in France and Belgium, a truly poignant experience.
With the encouragement of friend and Western Romance author, Susan Horsnell, she has fallen in love with writing Western Historical Romance.  Frontier Australia and frontier America, have many similarities, isolated communities, a large single male population and a lack of eligible women.
Margaret has a short story published in the Western Romance Anthology, Rawhide ‘N Roses which was a 2015 Rone Finalist.
Margaret was also thrilled and excited to be invited to contribute a novella in the ground breaking series American Mail Order Brides. 50 brides from 50 different States in America, from 45 different authors. Her contribution is Edwina – Bride of Connecticut, Book No. 5 in the series.
Margaret is married and has three grown up sons, and a gorgeous little granddaughter.
Outside of her family and friends, writing is her passion.

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On A Knife’s Edge by @AuthorLyndaB #Suspense #Action #Romance #BookTour #Amazon #Kindle

On a Knife's Edge 
She was once his sweet salvation…
Lynch Callan has been a dead man walking most of his life—nothing out of the ordinary for a member of the 5th Street biker gang. There was a brief period, though, when she made him believe he could be more. That he could be worthy of her, and her love. To protect her, and keep their relationship from being discovered, he went to prison. Except now the Streeters are in danger. But in order to save his crew, he must first betray them. If caught, he’ll end up dead for sure. It’ll be the mother of all balancing acts—especially with her in the picture. But Lynch will do whatever is necessary to protect the people he loves.
He was once her deepest desire… Shasta Albright doesn’t break the rules. Not anymore. As an unruly teenager, she defied her family at every turn…even secretly befriending, then dating, then falling in love with a bad boy Streeter. Finally her recklessness caught up with her—with lasting and even dire consequences. Now she leads a pristine existence, always staying within the lines and keeping her secrets hidden. That is until he gets released from prison. Can Shasta hold her perfect world together, or will everything get hurled into chaos?
With young girls going missing, the sleepy town of Stardust, Nevada becomes an unlikely epicenter for an illicit slave trade—with Shasta and Lynch caught in the middle. Amidst the rising body count, they fight to keep their loved ones—and each other—safe. A single slipup could have deadly repercussions. It’s an untenable and treacherous position. Much like walking On a Knife’s Edge…

Excerpt #3 – adult only…
Unlike before, this union was tentative…an exploration. Thoughtful and sweet and loving. His arms enfolded her, in a gentle embrace. It harkened back to when Lynch first kissed her. He held her like he feared she’d break. He deepened the kiss and she sighed into his mouth.
Spirals of need coiled low in her abdomen as his velvet lips traveled to the sensitive spot just below her ear.
“Be sure about this, Shaly,” he murmured against her skin. Tingles raced across her scalp and warmth pooled in her panties. “Be very sure.”
In answer, she eased away, toed off her shoes and removed her jacket. She pulled her shirt up and over her head then reached behind to flick off her bra. Her nipples peaked at his hungry, devouring gaze. She reached out her hand. He took it and she led him through the narrow kitchen to the bedroom in back.
Inside the minuscule, but tidy room, she helped him dispatch his shirt. She caressed her palms across his chest, relishing its silky feel. She traced her finger along the Celtic design on his chest and pressed a kiss there. She then continued her exploration down to his waistband.
She undid the fly of his jeans while he did the same with her pants zipper. The actions were measured, controlled. Not like the adrenaline-induced frenzied encounter at the Bentley farm. Only when she stood before him as naked as him did he touch her. Really touch her.
His large hands spanned her waist, drawing her near until her body adjoined his from chest to groin, the evidence of his arousal tucked securely against her belly.
He captured her lips in a smoldering, scorching kiss. One that made her burn. Burn with the fire of wanting…needing…more.
His mouth journeyed to the hollow of her throat, kissed and nipped her collarbone. She flexed her fingers into the muscles of his shoulders to hold him closer. He urged her down onto the neatly-made bed.
His sinewy body covered hers. How she loved the heavy feel of him pressing her into the mattress. Then he kissed her again. Long, drugging kisses that awakened every one of her nerve endings. She kissed him back amid her mounting urgency.
She encouraged him to roll over without breaking contact with his lips. Her legs on either side of his torso, she swept her tongue through his mouth while rocking her hips and dragging the length of his cock along her intimate folds. His groan mingled with her moan.
About Lynda…

I have no doubt I was born a storyteller.

I remember telling my first “story” in kindergarten. I informed my teacher, Mrs. Downing, that my mom had just had a baby boy. She hadn’t, of course, and while I got thoroughly admonished for my “storytelling,” I wasn’t deterred from what would become a lifelong passion.

From making up tales as a kid which centered around my favorite TV shows to today, I love telling stories! Stories with handsome guys and spunky gals, that always…always end with a happily-ever-after.

My romances are full of passion, with heat levels that range from hot to sizzling! I've been a finalist in numerous writing contests, including RWA’s® prestigious Golden Heart® in 2010. Please join me for laughter, love and that all important HEA.

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The Blood Princess: Episode 1 A Vampire Dark Fantasy Novel (Blood Rite Saga Book 1) by @Dylan_R_Keefer #YA #PNR #UF

A woman with no memory. A secret with lasting implications. When Prudence awakens in a tomb with no memory of her past, she makes a daring escape that quickly places her in harm’s way. Rescued by a mysterious woman, she struggles to retrieve her memories and accept the dark urges that soon plague her. Hellish flashbacks of the life she used to live haunt her, but they’re not the only threats she has to contend with. As her grip on reality starts to slip away, she plummets into a cycle of self-destruction. Will the truth save her from herself or will it send her spiraling out of control and closer to imminent death?

About the Author: 

Dylan Keefer is a web designer / developer by day and a writer by night. He’s basically a modern day superhero, using code and words to breathe creativity into reality. On a more serious note, he has been writing from a very young age and has always been pursuing the dream of writing professionally. Everything he does is in pursuit of that dream. He writes light-hearted as well as dark themed stories across multiple genres. His stories involve psychological struggles or moral dilemmas of the human condition. If you like those themes and the idea of questioning what it means to be human, then it won’t matter what genre the story is; he will make you a believer.

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