Monday, January 23, 2017

HIS TO PROTECT (Black Hills Wolves Book 63) by @ParisBrandon #Giveaway #Sweepstakes

A resentful pack, a suspicious alpha and a looming threat…
After ten long years, desperation has forced Luna Sinclair back to Los Lobos, but nothing in her experience has prepared her for the heat that Pack Protector Gunnar Redmond unleashes. Her wolf is clawing to break free and run straight for the hulking beast; but what wolf in his right mind would want to be tied to her family tree? 
Not everyone is happy about welcoming the daughter of one of the old alpha’s henchmen home.
Old wounds and secrets are exposed and, to make matters worse, Drew Tao, the new alpha, has reason to suspect she might have revealed the pack’s most closely guarded secret when she escaped the crazed survivalist who had been keeping her prisoner. 
None of that matters to Gunnar.
He’s known Luna was his mate since finding her naked and shivering on pack land, and he’ll do anything to keep her. With their wolves clawing to mate and danger closing in, anyone who wants to hurt her will have to go through him first.

A member of Romance Writers of America and published since 2009, Paris writes contemporary, paranormal, erotic and historical romance, throwing a little mystery and suspense in for good measure. She considers herself a hybrid author. Currently published with Decadent Publishing and self-publishing her own titles, she likes nothing better than a story that contains a little mystery and a lot of romance. 

When not dreaming up stories featuring heroes who aren’t intimidated by strong heroines, she can be found haunting antique and thrift stores for unique finds, or searching for heirloom seeds for yet another new flower garden.

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Excerpt  -  Adult:

The room resembled a sauna down to the fragrant plank paneling. Ferns hung from the high ceiling where a skylight offered the view of a canopy of stars. Candles burned brightly, enclosed in glass jars set on shelves placed at random levels on the walls. Surrounded by the flickering light and even more candles placed on the table beside it, a huge claw-foot tub took center stage, while off to the one side, a small, wood-burning stove generated even more heat.

Steam rose invitingly from the water’s surface, and she was suddenly aware of a few aches and twinges.

“Relax,” he whispered, lowering her into the water’s soothing warmth.

She had tensed for only a moment until she caught his gaze and realized, besides thinking of her comfort, he wanted to replace a bad memory with something wonderful. She’d told him Adam hadn’t deserved the ability to spoil their growing bond and she’

Gunnar’s sigh echoed through the small chamber as he knelt at the side of the tub, his arms still cradling her shoulders and legs, his focus squarely on her. He held his breath, making him seem vulnerable. Her apprehension eased, dissipated.

He’s my mate. The idea settled around her and seemed as natural as the next breath he took.

“Relax,” he whispered.

He sluiced warm water over her shoulders and down her arms then cupped one breast, his thumb softly brushing over the nipple until it peaked. She shivered under the tender onslaught. His gentle kiss lulled her while he lathered her body with soft vanilla-scented soap he scooped from a small ceramic pot. When his fingers threaded through the curls at the juncture of her thighs and strummed her tender flesh to life once more, all coherent thought shuddered to a stop.

She reached for him, tugging at his arms, trying to draw him into the tub where they could both play. He chuckled and traced her ear with the tip of his tongue.

“You’re making promises I want you to keep. Come inside,” she invited and playfully tugged at his massive arms.

“We’ll get a bigger tub,” he promised.

“I don’t want to wait.” She growled and lifted a leg over the curled lip of warm porcelain and reached for him before she squirmed her way into his arms and playfully toppled them both onto the large bathmat where she sprawled atop him.

He’d allowed himself to be taken down, cushioning her body with his own, protecting her. One big hand came around the back of her neck, drawing her into a hot, needy kiss.

He licked a path from her brow to her breasts, savoring the taste of her skin as he journeyed along the line of her ribs until he hit her hot center with the tip of his tongue, where he held her hips and delved into her still-tender flesh, licking and sucking, placing wet, openmouthed kisses against her sex until she writhed and moaned and wanted more.

Always more.

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