Friday, December 6, 2013

Coming Soon!! Author Cage!!!

Author Cage

This is our author interview feature and we decided to spike things up a little. Authors are given two choices when we invite them for an interview. We leave the choice of an interview in their hands.


Their first choice is a more traditional interview. We are asking questions based on adult books and also some adult things. Nothing major or hectic. Just a sweet interview.  
The second option, and the most hectic one, is our Only The Brave interview. This is the hot seat, and we will be making them squirm and sweat a little. As an adult author you talk the talk, but can you bring it? We ask some intense questions, and see how they handle it.  For these author we take a knee and honor their bravery on our Only The Brave wall. For stepping into this author cage they deserve a special spot.

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