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Series Blast, Giveaway & Top Ten: Love And Series by Mary Kate Kopec

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clip_image002_thumb[1]Love and Bullets

Love And Series

Book One

Mary Kate Kopec

Genre: Romantic Action Suspense

ISBN: 978-0615968957


Book Description:

Three years ago Giffin Reese fell for the man of her dreams. But it wasn't meant to be. She was already married to a good man. A man who believed in her. Needed her. Loved her. Sometimes in life we do what it calls upon us to do.

It wasn't your everyday protection detail of a Senator plus trophy wife. First, she was no trophy. She came with brains and an attitude. Just what he liked. And two, the case was all kinds of screwed up. A threat with no name on it. Maybe even a leak. And it all turned to hell when the Senator got taken down by a sniper shot.

Devon Monroe still doesn't know what the hell went wrong that day. But he's not going to let it happen again. Someone's serious with an itchy trigger finger, and this time the target is squarely pointed at a certain Senator's beautiful widow. But not if he can help it. It'll take everything he has to set things right, clear his conscience, and prove himself to her. Even if it means dying, trying.

Love and Bullets is an action packed steamroller of mystery, suspense, and rekindled desire. Come join Devon and Giffin as they race against the clock, explore their hearts, and dodge bullets in this story of secrets, deception, betrayal, and love.

Sparks fly and so do the bullets!

Book Trailer: http://youtu.be/MTrON4X1yl0

Available at Amazon




clip_image004_thumb[1]Love and Leaving

Love And Series

Book Two

Mary Kate Kopec

Genre: Romantic Action Suspense

ISBN: 978-0615988610


Book Description:

Emma June Carter’s life is as normal as can be. All except the part where once upon a time she was Miss Michigan and a finalist for the Miss American Sunshine pageant. She's a baker and a co-owner of Delectable Delights, a sweet treats bakery that she loves. She has good friends. A best friend. And it was all going so well - until her boyfriend dumped her. The boyfriend that had hinted at love and a life together - and then disappeared.

Detective Jack Haley is good at his job, likes life, and knows how to laugh. Poker and his luxury ride with perfect performance and buttery soft leather seats take the edge off of the grit and grime of his work in property crimes.

For them, it was any other day. Until he got the call. And she went out for one last drink to shake off the breakup. A chance meeting in a bar, and neither gets what they came for. They get so much more. Neither know it, but danger is trailing Emma's footsteps, and her life is about to go from normal to hell in six seconds, flat. It doesn't take long before their paths cross again, and this time it won't be so easy leaving.

Love and Leaving is a story about nothing being safe, but in life, having everything to gain . . . at a cost. Jack and Emma will have to decide what is worth it and what isn't.

He's coming, and she's leaving!

Book Trailer: http://youtu.be/QpzL4FJwSWY

Available at Amazon




clip_image006_thumb[1]Love and Revenge

Love And Series

Book Three

Mary Kate Kopec

Genre: Romantic Action Suspense

ISBN: 978-0692212103


Book Description:

Maddie Monroe has had better days. And made better choices. When she wakes up kidnapped--used for bait--and in more danger than she could have ever imagined, it's all she can do to hope that she'll live to regret telling Seamus no.

Ex-Navy Seal Seamus Kincaid knows that the only easy day was yesterday. And in his line of work, enemies happen. He just never thought anyone would use Maddie to get to him. And now her life is on the line.

Maddie's dimples bring hard men to their knees, and her smoothies make them beg for more. She's smart, funny, and just one of the guys. She wields a computer like Seamus wields a knife. And she's a spunky ray of sunshine in skinny jeans and a bop-tail who gives his serious, get-it-done attitude the adjustment it needs. She's happiness in his life, until he scares the hell out of her on a mission gone bad, and she can't deal. Letting her go won't be easy, but losing her forever is unacceptable

Love and Revenge is a story about facing your fears, fighting for what's important, and learning that you can't control life--you can only decide which life you want to live.

Fight for love - die for revenge!

Book Trailer: http://youtu.be/dZ-vxUx3qlU

Available at Amazon



This was a challenging list to compile. And to be honest, some of the very best scenes are not listed here … I just couldn’t it spoil it for you like that. But these are definitely some of the best ones that stay with me—the ones that come to mind instantly. Oh, and although numbered, I couldn’t decide on an order, so numbering is to keep track, not to label favorite-ness. I hope you enjoy!

1. Giffin getting to confront one of the men who has been making her life a living hell ... and getting to kick him in the balls, letting him know how she really feels. Love AND Bullets

“Is that Brian in a wig?” Giffin asked.

Devon smiled in response. “Decoy,” he said.

But his smile was quickly lost as fury filled Giffin’s eyes. Without warning, she marched up to Brian who, once again, displayed his loathing sneer. A mistake on his part, for no one could have anticipated Giffin’s hateful reaction.

“I can’t believe you’re not dead, yet,” she said, her eyes scorching Devon with accusation.

Brian, unwisely, given his restraints, derisively retorted, “I can’t believe I missed you.”

And with that, all Giffin’s hatred for this man who had laid ruin to her life, and who held her in contempt for what reason she did not know, coalesced into one fine moment of action. She grabbed his shoulders, pulled him into her body, and shoved her knee so far up his genitals, that she was sure she saw them in the back of his eyes. That is, just before all the blood in his body rushed to his face, and the air violently evacuated from his lungs.

2. When Devon comes back safely after being shot at and Maddie tries to hold her feelings in, but a single, terrible tear squeezes out. Then he calls her “Squirt.” Love AND Bullets

Devon got up to go, but Maddie grabbed his hand and tugged him back down into the chair.

“What’s up?” Like he didn’t already know.

Maddie knew Devon needed her to remain professional. No sissy girl stuff in front of the guys. It’s how she kept their respect.

But damn.

She knew how close he’d come. Buzzer had told her what went down, and he was up in the gym working off his frustration and anger.

There was a painful lump in her throat, and she swallowed it, squeezing Devon’s hand tight. One giant tear popped its way out against her will and tumbled down her cheek.

Devon’s eyes went soft, and his thumb came up and gently rubbed the hard-fought tear away.

“I know, Squirt,” he said. “It was close. But it’s okay. I’m still here. Focus on that.”

Maddie bobbled her head, nodding her agreement, and blew out a hard breath, pulling herself together.

“I’ll be ready for you.”

Devon smiled at her encouragingly and got up to leave again. He shifted to turn, but Maddie still had his hand. He looked down at her, his unspoken question on his face.

“Giffin doesn’t know, yet,” she said quietly, pointedly, and then let go of his hand.

Devon gave a tight nod, accepted the upcoming storm, and went to see Giffin.

3. When Giffin and Buzzer arrive at the hospital and Maddie breaks down ... That’s when they know it's bad for Devon. Love AND Bullets

Reception was straight ahead. Buzzer walked her toward the receiving check-in, but before they reached the waiting nurse, Maddie jumped up from her seat to greet them. Her eyes were red-rimmed, darkened by unforgiving circles, and her face was drawn thin, wet with tears. She’d been crying. A lot.

Giffin’s heart got caught in her throat, and her stomach dropped to her feet. She wasn’t sure if she could have seen anything more unsettling than Maddie being wrecked to pieces. She was always so optimistic and cheerful. It must be bad, was all Giffin could think.

Cold panic gripped at her again, and she swallowed it hard.

She reached for Maddie and pulled her into a hug. Maddie stifled a sob, but hung onto Giffin for dear life. Her body shook with her grief, and Giffin’s heart sank.

4. When Emma bumps into Jack in the bar, and he says, “Was it something I said?” Love AND Leaving

Bouncing back, jolted, and losing her footing, Emma once again noted that Bars are bad, and this time added, Men are worse. As evidenced by the shadowed cretin blocking her getaway.

“Whoa, hey there,” came the solid hands that kept her from stumbling, and the calm, even-timbred male voice that felt soothing on her angry nerves. “You okay?”

Emma blinked again—blowing out a frustrated breath—steadied her stance, and pushed the hair that had fallen over her face back behind her ears.

The calm-voiced, firm hands let her go, and the attached human took a step back, giving her her space.

She considered mumbling, Thanks, and moving on, but the collision was her fault. Not his. And she was upset, having a bad day—not mean—so she plastered a smile on her face and looked up to make her apologies.

Which turned out to be a Big Mistake.

Calm-voice, firm-hands Mr. Muscles had the perfect face to match. He was all square jaw, dark hair, and deep-set light blue eyes—that looked as stunned as she felt. It was the tiny dimple in the bottom of his nose, the slight bow to his upper lip, and his finger-tufted carefree hair that put the friendly hey-I’m-a-nice-guy on his face. Her heartbeat took a skyrocket leap, and little electric zings pinged around in her veins, signaling the onset of what could only be some form of instant attraction.

“Oh, for Pete’s sake!” Emma’s smile abruptly faded, and she shook her head to shake off the moment. Disgusted with herself—she had, after all, just sworn off men—she veered around him and stalked off, hoping this time to actually make it out the door.

“Was it something I said?” Mr. Muscles called from behind.

Just keep walking, Emma told herself, but her frustration and irritation were spoiling for a fight now, even as she argued with herself that she was just having a bad day, and that Mr. Muscles didn’t deserve her angst. As a result, her tone came out kind of flat. “You said something?”

He came to stand beside her and cocked his head, smiling. “You didn’t give me the chance.”

“Exactly. Now if you’ll excuse me—”

“But don’t you want my number?” He sounded amused.

“Thanks, but I don’t need it.”

“You sure?”


“Jack,” he easily supplied.

“Look, Jack, you seem like a nice guy—”

“So why are you shutting me down?”

She looked up at him with patent patience only to find a chuckle in his eyes.

“But you’re apparently a bit thick.”

Mr. Muscles—Jack—laughed. And the sound of it washed over her, sparking something happy inside.

It was a good laugh.

A really good laugh.

“So let me spell it out for you,” she continued in her best leave-me-the-hell-alone tone, even though just the look of him was doing something funny to her belly.

Jack stepped in, breaking off Emma’s rock-n-roll flow. “I can see this is hard for you. But really—there’s nothing to it. I say, ‘Hi, I’m Jack.’ And you say, ‘Nice to meet you, Jack. I’m—” Jack left it for her to fill in the blank, and Emma said, “Leaving. Have a nice life, Jack.”

Jack’s lips scrunched a bit in disappointment as the humor washed off of his face, but he obligingly took a final step back and offered her a pleasant, perfect, friendly smile. “Well, Leaving. You take care of yourself.”

The electric spark pinged urgently in Emma’s stomach and she felt a sudden flash of uncertainty, but this was her chance, so she bolted for the door.

5. When Jack says to Emma, “You’re talking, but all I see is your hips moving.” [Emma is post-op in the hospital.] Love AND Leaving

Picking up on her obvious avoidance cues, he grinned. “Okay, then. Don’t you have to have some kind of talent to be a beauty queen?”

“I dance.”

“Don’t you need a partner for that?”

“Belly dance and ballet.”

She felt it first—the heat—before it flashed on his face. It made her laugh, and it sent a whisper of tingle through her drug numbed body. Which was nice, really nice, but she hoped he couldn’t see in her face what she saw in his. Or maybe she did. She just wasn’t sure it was a good idea.

“You belly dance?”

“And do ballet.”

“Not interested. But belly dancing—”

“Is good for the core. And it keeps me enjoying the tasty treats in my bakery without putting on a zillion pounds.”

“You’re talking, but all I see is your hips moving.”

She shook her head at him, silently laughing. He was funny. And nice. And she liked that. “Predictable. You don’t want to be predictable do you?”

He laughed that wonderful laugh he had. It truly was warmth and comfort and happiness washing over her.

6. When Seamus wakes up to Mack’s slurping a smoothie. Love AND Revenge

Seamus woke to slurping. Loud, unapologetic slurping. He followed the sound to find Mack sucking on a straw with the same determination he showed in leaving no man behind.

“Well, good morning, Princess. You suck as a breakfast date.” The edge of Mack’s blonde mustache lifted with his jovial greeting.

Seamus smiled. “You turned me down, Sunshine, so what the hell you complaining about?”

“Well now that I know your girl’s mean with a blender, I’m rethinking our relationship.”

“Maddie’s awake?” Seamus edged up to sitting, ignoring the pain that was shooting from limb to limb.

“And making everyone smoothies.” Mack gave him a knowing up-nod and said, “You need to take it easy there, Champ. You got yourself a regular ass beat down, and it’s going to take you a few days to be operational.” Mack swirled the straw along the bottom of the glass, searching for any last remnants of his smoothie. “This one was for you, but I took a sip, and now it’s all gone.”

Seamus chuckled low, and then pulled his right hand to feel his side.

“Yep. You got yourself some seriously bruised ribs. But my personal favorite is all the wood shrapnel the doc pulled out of you. With a match, we could have used you for a bonfire. What the hell did you run into out there?”

7. When Mack says, “Damn, Seamus. That’s one helluva splinter you’ve got there.” Love AND Revenge

“Sir. You’re bleeding.”

Look at me, Maddie. Open your eyes. The words were silent on his lips. Open your eyes.

“Seamus. . . . Seamus!”

Mack’s commanding voice broke through his concentration, and Seamus looked up at him.

“Strip your gear, and put these on,” Mack said, handing him field shorts and a tee.

Keeping his watch on Maddie’s face, he stood and pulled the zipper on his dive suit and began peeling it off.

“Damn, Seamus. That’s one helluva splinter you’ve got there.”

Seamus looked down to see what Mack was talking about, and there it was, a nasty slice of tree protruding from his leg. It was stuck in his dive suit, and pulling on the neoprene had pulled on the wood, ripping his flesh and making him gush blood.

“Shit. That hurts.” And for the first time since they’d boarded, Seamus stumbled.

Mack was there. “Whoa, Buddy. I gotcha.”

8. When Devon reacts to Maddie being in danger. Love AND Revenge

He didn’t know who would do this to Maddie, his amazing little Squirt, but he wanted to crush the fucker. Kill him dead. And then rip out his vulgar, hateful heart, and cram it down his fucking throat.

Devon was having a hard time getting his own heart out of his stomach, but the venom racing through his veins was enough to propel him into action.

9. When Maddie wants to see Seamus’s dimples. Love AND Revenge

She nudged up a little higher and kissed his ear, whispering again, “So what do I gotta do to see the dimples?”

It was her favorite part. Seamus was a big man at six-two with muscles abundant, and he had the masculine, strong facial features to match. He was tall, dark, and handsome. And the package came with the serious weight of life and bad guys making his demeanor one of few jokes, lots of pensive thought, and the determined intent to do things right. So the dimples were the surprise cherry that came on top. They softened the sobriety of his appearance, and they were her undoing.

She leaned back to look into his eyes, and she bit her lip, raising her eyebrows slightly with the teasing question. “Well?”

The shake of his head was almost not there, and a flicker of laughter brightened his eyes. “I do not have dimples,” he said flatly, fully well knowing that he did, because she’d shown him before.

“Really? I could get my mirror again.”

“Ohhh,” he breathed as a laugh, and there they were.

“Aha! Told you,” she chuckled. And for her earned punishment, he lifted her bottom up and then with exquisite slowness, guided her down his long, hard length.

Maddie’s eyes drifted shut as she savored the delicious sensation, and she moaned in tender pleasure, “I don’t think I’ve learned my lesson yet. Better do it again.”

Seamus chuckled low and deep, and she said, “God how I love your dimples.”

10. When Seamus takes Maddie’s knife off of her ankle like it's nothing that she's wearing one ... like everyone wears a knife attached to their ankle. Love AND Revenge

Skinny jeans were never an easy exit, but he folded back the band, and using his thumbs for leverage, gently worked them down while he kneeled one knee on the floor—and one foot at a time, they were off. He laid them aside, in no apparent hurry.

One sock, then the other.

Seamus found the knife Devon had given her strapped to her ankle, and as though it was a normal part of every person’s attire, he unfastened its strap and laid it on the counter without comment.

He leaned in and kissed her belly. His lips were soft and warm, but his stubble brushed her with a light tickle—it was sensitizing, and her abs contracted. The nervous twitter she’d felt evolved into a heated flutter as desire skittered across her skin.

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Mary Kate Kopec creates steamy character driven stories of hopeful love. She thinks love and life are worth fighting for and that at times both are filled with hard bits and messy emotions. She likes a good mystery, lots of action, and a heavy dollop of humor to lighten the mood. She writes what she loves and wishes you great enjoyment in everything you read.

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