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Book Blast, Giveaway & Top Ten: Snow Blood Season 1 by @carolmckibben @RoxanneRhoads

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clip_image002Snow Blood Season 1

Snow Blood Series

Episodes 1-6

Carol McKibben

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Troll River Publications

Date of Publication: February 14, 2014

Print ISBN: 978-1939564368

eBook ISBN: B00JOWG05O

Number of pages: 240 pages

Word Count: 56,025

Cover Artist: Truenot Dreams

Book Description:

Snow Blood Season 1 by Carol McKibben is the first in a series of short novels retelling the modern day adventures of the first vampire.

When Brogio must turn Snow, a beautiful white husky, in order to save the dog, a series of events is unleashed that reveal a sinister plot against the father of all vampires.

As life and true death experiences bond the master vampire and his newly transformed vampire canine together, they unravel a conspiracy that when resolved may return Selene, the love of Brogio’s life, back to him and set him free from the lonely existence that has plagued him for thousands of years! From the author of Luke’s Tale, follow Snow Blood, an epic story of the first vampire as told through the eyes of his kindred dog.

Episode One - reveals how Snow first meets Brogio, the original vampire, and follows the white husky through his transformation to the Kindred world.

Episode Two - uncovers a sinister plot to destroy the father of all vampires, and we meet Kane, Brogio’s first blood child. This episode traces Snow’s efforts to discover Brogio’s history.

Episode Three - introduces Selene, a nurse who is identical to the love of Brogio’s existence. Is she merely a doppelganger or his love returned to him? Is she part of the threat to his destruction? More threats are made not just against the lives of Brogio and Snow but against Selene, forcing them to reveal their true identities to her. Struggling with her acceptance of Brogio, Snow and Kane, Selene is brought into their fold for her protection.

Episode Four and Five - let the reader know more about Brogio and the original Selene’s past while Brogio attempts to protect those he loves from inevitable destruction by leading the threatening dark forces away from them. Snow intercedes after Selene’s plea for help to reunite her to Brogio. United again, destruction follows the four of them wherever they go. Hounded by ancient gods and goddesses, monsters, werewolves and a number of disasters, they battle to protect each other. In his effort to protect his master and those he loves, Snow must make a promise that will end his life as he knows it. The true source bent on destroying Brogio is finally revealed and culminates in an epic battle where Snow offers up his life to save Brogio, Selene and Kane.

Episode Six – Snow prepares to keep the promise that he made, but Kane intervenes for his “blood brother,” leaving us to wonder about both their fates. Tension grows between Brogio and Selene as he attempts to make her his wife for eternity and defy the gods. The reader discovers if Selene is his love returned to him.

Snow Blood video trailer: http://youtu.be/Jkr2Qgcwwr0

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The pain sliced into my ribs like steel on bone. Then, nothingness.

Searing pain, and the sight of two snarling, rabid beasts locked in battle, interrupted the safety of my void. The scent of their blood-filled rage made my nose twitch. My brain screamed "move" but my legs disobeyed. Paralyzed on the ground, I watched as two giant beasts circled each other, lumbering dangerously close. One, an unknown, unnatural brother who could stand on hind legs. The other ... a demon, perhaps? That was the best way I could describe this otherworldly creature.

My eyes began to focus. I could see blood-covered fangs and claws, a demon strangely glowing in the lunar light. It looked "moon-kissed”. Light from the night-time sun caressed this deformed creature. Perhaps I'm imagining this? Maybe it's my love of the moon. I've always felt its protection at night on my forays into the woods near my home.

Jaws snapping. The upright wolf-being lunged. The demon creature moved faster, almost a blur. It hastily side-stepped the wolf's bite as easily as a mongoose avoids a cobra. The wolf snarled its frustration. It circled the moon-kissed demon that appeared to be taunting its opponent. I tried to move to observe better, but pain savagely raked through me. A dark circle of wetness surrounded me. The air reeked with the smell of ... blood. My blood.

Why had I recklessly left the comfort of my home? The fireplace in the den warmed us against the outside of fall's cold weather. Perhaps I needed adventure. Prey lurked in the outside darkness, and instinctively, I had wanted to give chase. My little human tried to tackle me just as I dashed to the kitchen and nosed aside the flap from the back door to the freedom of the night that beckoned me.

"Snow! Don't go out there. It's dark!" He squirmed, trying to hold me. He weighed less than any little subaltern laying his body across my shaggy mass. Embarrassing, I thought, since I outranked him in the pack. But, I never snapped at him. My little human needed my protection.

"Let him go, Tommy. He's just doing his job; keeping the coyotes away." Tommy's father, our Alpha, had spoken, and we must all obey.

The little human stood upright and slowly released his grip on my back. Moments later, I was chasing coyotes across the front lawn and out into the street, doing what I did best – protecting my pack. Now, as the sound of gnashing teeth brought me back into the present, I wished for the chance to better safeguard them. Who would warn my humans of this danger if I didn't make it home?

The two creatures battled on. The wolf leaped over its combatant's head, narrowly avoiding a crushing blow to its leg. The glowing demon blurred, quickly avoiding an attack from the rear. It spun just in time to avoid its throat from being taken. Suddenly, fall leaves were flying into the air. They hit the grass under the trees that lined the abandoned road and tumbled, arms and heads over legs.

My paws quivered as the fight drew closer to me. Inexplicitly, I remained unable to move from where I had landed after the pain hit me. My energy had already seeped from my body. Running away appeared no longer an option.

I watched as the fierce beasts arose quickly from their tumble. The wolf gained an advantage, lunging forward and extending its claws as the demon stumbled over a broken tree trunk. Its opportune fall to the ground enabled the demon to duck the razor-sharp claws. Just missing the demon, the wolf landed and rolled behind its enemy. Quickly, it spun up to go after its prey now sprawled out on the grass.

Just as the wolf leaped, BOOM. A loud explosion ... and then the wolf crumpled to the ground with a pained yelp and a heavy thud. His lifeless body sprawled awkwardly on the dirt.

A strange voice pierced through my head. "Silver bullets work well on panweres, too." A malicious chuckle followed.

Was that the demon's voice? I wondered. Surely I did not see his lips moving.

The demon creature knelt over its victim and poked the wolf's body. No sign of life. Triumphantly, it threw back its head and let out a victory scream that made the hairs on my neck bristle. It then rose to cast its appraising gaze in my direction. I struggled to get my feet under me, fearing that if I didn't, the demon would kill me on this spot, just as he had taken the life of the wolf. As it approached me, I felt my life slowly drain away; the darkness enveloped me again. The sadness of never seeing my family again lingered ...

Darkness closed over me ... drifting into ... an overwhelming itchy sensation? My nerve endings were on fire, consuming me with a new-found rush. The thin line of life spread throughout me. Every fiber of my body stood on end as the blood-filled eyes of the demon pierced mine. A thin drop of blood clung to one of its fangs before descending onto my face in slow motion. I tried to move but the creature held me in place with one giant claw-covered hand. Other than the weight of its massive body, I felt no trace of the initial pain that had sent me into darkness.

I watched transfixed as the creature transformed into a human. First claws became large hands. It shrunk only slightly. Its deformed body took the shape of a strong, muscular athlete. Its distorted visage faded into a handsome face with a strong nose, cheek bones and jaw. It was only seconds until it became a naked man. It spoke. "Hold still, dog. Let your body absorb my venom and heal."

Venom? Heal me? Fire streaked through my veins, forcing every part of me to come alive. An unfamiliar strength enveloped me. I had been crippled only moments ago. Now, every part of me sprang to life. My eyes never left the demon/man.

Blonde and fair, a pale face framed large violet-colored eyes that transitioned back to red and again to violet. He towered over me; his long, muscular frame stretched over what must have been almost a half-head taller than James, my master. I once heard my master brag, "I'm six-foot-one in my stocking feet." I guess that was his way of stating how tall he is.

The demon/man wiped the blood from his face onto his hand. My blood, or his? I wasn't sure.

"All right," he commanded, "try to get up now."

I sprang to all fours, shook my heavy white coat and sat back on my haunches. How did I get on this deserted road in the middle of the woods? Prey. That's it. Chasing prey. The large black car with Oregon plates sitting sideways in the road next to us, lights on, motor running, looked as though it had swerved to avoid something. Had it collided with me?

The man knelt down and patted my head. "Confused are you? That's right, I hit you."

I cocked my head at him, feeling better than before. How could he have hit me? I got a whiff of his odor. A layer of perfume concealed the smell of death and something rotten that had emanated from the demon during its battle with the wolf. I stood and shook my whole body again, as if to expel the experience and the smell. Then I turned away to go back home.

"Wait!" He placed a firm grip on my back with his strong, human hands.

I whipped my head around, baring teeth in warning. Let me go! I had to go home to my loving family and the warm fire that awaited me.

He stared at me. "No, that's an insane thought."

Was he speaking to me? Was he reading my mind?

He paused for a long moment, staring at me as if he could see through me. I shivered from the menacing touch of his hand on my back.

He released his grip. His shoulders slumped, and he ran a bloody hand through his blonde hair. He took a long, deep breath, then shook his head. "Come with me."

I watched him move toward the car. I had to go home. My people must be worried.

He turned to me, and I felt drawn to him. No, I must go home.

"There is no choice, dog. Come with me."

No! The hackles on my back stood on end in warning. I will go home! I backed away, growling in defiance. I turned to run, but he blocked my path to freedom and caught me in a heartbeat.

He stopped me in my tracks. How could this human outrun me?

He grabbed my head with his bloody hands and twisted my face to meet his blood-red eyes. "You will come with me now! It is for your survival and that of your people." He let go and stood tall again. He took two long strides to the car. Over his shoulder he commanded, "Come!"

I resisted with everything that I had.

He opened a door to the large sedan and motioned for me to take the passenger seat. I tried to resist again but my legs disobeyed me, and I covered the short space and jumped in. He slammed the door behind me.

I growled as I watched him cross in front of the car and open the driver's door. A black turtleneck sweater and black pants hung on the back of the driver's seat. Black loafers and socks sat on the floor in front of the seat. He reached inside for them and hurriedly put them on, never taking his eyes from me. His gaze was creeping me out. Intense.

Sliding behind the wheel, he looked at me for a long minute. "You're my responsibility now. Let's go find you something to eat. You will need your strength."

I didn't like his toothy grin. What wasn't he telling me?

I found it odd that my ravenous cravings for something ... something very bloody outweighed all other reason.

Excerpt 2:

The night air brought an aroma of the dark surrounding forest. Owls beckoned to me: "Catch me if you can." A squirrel scurried up a tree to dine on a tasty nut it had found on the earthen floor. A snake curled around a branch ready to devour a tree mouse. My sole amusement as I sat guard for what seemed eternity outside the wine tasting. The moon peaked high in the sky. I desperately wanted to howl at it as a diversion from the craving to feast upon the people who came and went. Laughter filled the tasting room, jammed packed with wine lovers in evening dress strolling from one tasting station to the next, stopping to "cleanse their pallets" with cheese and bread in-between. Brogio had advised me that this was "part of the business."

I once again looked to the full moon that appeared to shine more brightly than days past. My mind wandered. I imagined that Brogio must be circling some delicious female, ready to entice her into the wine cellar and quench his thirst for his preferred food: Human blood. I longed to taste it with him. I held on to my blood lust, remembering Brogio's constant coaching about control, so I wouldn't randomly attack a lone wine taster exiting the building. Every day seemed to make it easier to control my urges. Later, I planned to satisfy my hunger with the creatures in the forest. I shook my heavy coat and sat back to scratch each ear, but a shadow from the trees gave me pause.

She walked out of the forest, taking me by surprise. How had I not heard her footsteps, sensed her presence? She was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. Dogs don't get hung up on human appearance, but even my dead veins pulsed a bit at the sight of her. She glowed like the moon. Was this . . . could it be the one the goddess told me to find?

Her slender body glided toward me. Her footsteps made no sound. She wore a steel-blue dress that matched her eyes. Her long blonde hair hung to her waist in a straight line around her. It shimmered like silver in the moonlight against her alabaster skin. I backed away as she drew near.

She stopped just in front of me. "Beautiful boy, why're you sitting here alone?"

I felt the caress of her hand. A sharp, electric thrill coursed through me. I gave her a quick “ruff.”

Her laughter tinkled like wind chimes in a breeze. She mesmerized me, and I followed her into the tasting room, not considering any consequences.

Praise for Snow Blood

  5-Stars! "From Chapter One I was enthralled...a love story...a vampire dog...a mystery? The author didn't miss one intriguing trick in this spellbinding tale. I hated when it ended and need it to continue to know what happens next to these entrancing lovers and this loyal, mystical and prophetic canine. Carol manages to weave in every element that will captivate a reader and it is like reading ancient mythology which to some is real, and it was hard to believe that these characters are not real, especially Snow Blood who is a dog, but so much more. It is storytelling at its finest. Best yet, it could appeal to all ages, from younger children (10 on up) to teens to adults. Carol, don't stop now!" -Andrea Michaels
5-Stars for Snow Blood! "Approaching midnight, and I can't stop reading Snow Blood. If you enjoy vampires, mythology, intrigue, and a love story all told from a dog's perspective...read this book. Page turner from page 1. Rare for a book to capture and hold my attention from page one. So looking forward to the next Snow Blood book!" -Lee Brown
5-Stars - "SNOW BLOOD Season 1 is a unique novel in that McKibben has elected to tell a story through the eyes, senses, and thoughts of an animal. For some authors this attempt may become uncomfortably artificial, but McKibben is so gifted at the manner in which she maintains this stance that every page of the novel is wholly credible. Add to that fact the theme of the story being the turning of non-vampires into vampires and one would think the author was up against an unscalable wall of credibility. But that is the mark of a practiced veteran: understand the stance of the perspective, keep it viable, and the story will work.

And work SNOW BLOOD Season 1 most assuredly does. The Snow of the title is a beautiful white husky who is attacked by a mysterious wolf like animal who then takes the form of a human (Brogio) and transforms Snow into a vampire. When Brogio must turn Snow in order to save the dog, a series of events are unleashed that reveal a sinister plot against the father of all vampires. As life and true death experiences bond the master vampire and his newly transformed vampire canine together, they unravel a conspiracy that when resolved may return Selene, the love of Brogio's life, back to him and set him free from the lonely existence that has plagued him for thousands of years. But to appreciate the skill of this fine writer, the following `turning' is quoted form early in the book:
He bent down and looked deeply into my eyes. "What is your name?" My thoughts betrayed me as my legs had earlier. I felt compelled to answer. My name is Snow. "Ah, yes. Snow. I shall call you Snow ... Blood. You can call me Brogio." I heard the words, but his mouth didn't move. He took another sip from his glass and smiled. "That's right; you're hearing my thoughts. Spoken words will not be needed between us now." He held up his glass. I wondered what was in the glass. "This is wine from my winery. Vintage 1985." I was relieved that he wasn't drinking a glass of blood in front of me. So tell me, Brogio, why do we not need words? Again, the smile. The eyes turned deep red for a fraction of a second. A cold chill coursed through me, and I shivered. I wanted to run, but where? This Brogio could outrun me. And he could read my mind too! Anger rose up, and I let out a reflexive growl. "I am an Artemis. Animals understand and obey me. It is the way. And now, I am your sire." If you control animals, why did the strange wolf attack you? "I have no control over panweres." Panweres? Never heard of them. What ... "A shape shifter. A creature that can shift into many different kinds of animals." He stood straight up. "Come, you must feed. We can talk more later." I want to go home. "No, you can't. It would be dangerous." He kneeled down next to me. "Snow Blood, you would end up killing those you love until I can teach you to control your urges." I shook my head from side to side. I don't understand. He sighed and returns to the oversized chair, taking a long drink of the remaining wine. I sat firmly in place. I refused to go anywhere until I understood what he meant. "Snow." He sat back in the chair as if ready to tell me a story, "You are becoming a vampire. And, Only a vampire can make another." He stared at me to let the words sink in. "You died on the road, and I turned you to bring you back."
This is very fine, highly creative writing from an artist who knows her trade well. She will be noted." Grady Harp
5-Stars for Snow Blood!  "Carol McKibben has outdone herself. She 'writes from the heart' as she once again weaves her magic by sharing her unique way of seeing life through the eyes of another animal. The moment I saw Snow's beautiful white fur and piercing blue eyes, I wanted to protect him right away. Then "Brogio, the first vampire!" must turn Snow, If he doesn't Snow will die. Carol's fluent writing is a page turner and this book is full of twists, turns and surprises. I won't give too much away but believe me you won't want to miss the series!" –Robin Potter
5-Stars! "Exquisite Vampire Novel -  Brogio is the first vampire created by the goddess Artemis. Brogio creates the first vampire dog who he names Snow Blood. At first Snow Bolood resists being "vampire." As time passes, he accepts being "vampire" and is loyal to Brogio. He learns about Brogio's life and his lost love. Snow Blood tells this stunning story that has mystery, romance, mythology and horror in it. This makes for a fantastic read! Does Brogio find his lost love? How does Brogio survive in the world besides making a living? Why does a vampire dog not be affected by the sun? This is an excellent vampire novel. There are twists and turns you don't expect. I enjoyed this "vampire" novel more than any of the other vampire stories I have read with the exception of the original Bram Stoker's Dracula. This is a strong not to be missed! Disclaimer: I received a digital galley of this book free from the publisher from NetGalley. I was not obliged to write a favourable review, or even any review at all. The opinions expressed are strictly my own."  -S. Mahaffey
5-Star - "Excellent Vampire Read! Snow Blood: Season 1: Episodes 1-6 was an excellent read that really took me by surprised. I was intrigued by the plot, as it sounded like a story that I have never read before. The concept is pretty amazing, and definitely did not disappoint at all. The Husky dog, Snow, tells the story of how he came about meeting his master, Brogio. I have never read a story where a dog is a vampire as well, which made this one so likable (I love dogs!).
This story contains pretty much everything; from mystery to suspense, to romance and deep questioning. The relationship between Brogio and Selene was quite interesting, and I am curious to see what will happen next. Reading the story through Snow's eyes made the story even better.
I can't wait to read episode 2. Carol McKibben truly is a very gifted author." -Karen Ruggiero
5-Stars - "Snow Blood Episode 1 was a real surprise find for me. Being a dog person, I was tempted but I only reluctantly ventured out to read this book about a white husky who becomes vampire. To my relief and joy the concept really worked. Snow, the husky, tells in his own words how he comes in contact with Brogio, his saviour and master, and how his new life pans out. Telling a vampire dog story adds a great twist, one that is long overdue since we have shapeshifters and werewolve stories everywhere. Telling the story from the dog's perspective worked for me since it is a welcome break from just 'cute' dog stories and stories told by dogs. Episode 1 sets the scene and focuses on the transformation and the main characters, but it is ultimately a short novel that leaves a lot for the next installments. The drama, the suspense and the perspective are excellent, and I no doubt will make my way through this canine paranormal series. Well done." -Christoph Fischer
"In Snow Blood, Season 1, another of Carol McKibben’s books, we encounter Snow, a white husky, who (as in Luke’s Tale, above) tells his own story. It involves a sinister plot against the father of all vampires told through a stream of supernatural events. And there’s another love triangle, of a sort, involving Selene, Brogio and Snow. This wildly imaginative tale delves deeply into a complex occult world of the vampire and the panwere (a type of shapeshifter).  • vampire, n. – one whom drinks the blood of others, be it animal or human.  • panwere, n. – a shapeshifter that can morph its life to match that of another creature.  This first of a series (Series 1) is told in six scenes or episodes. If you are a lover of vampire stories involving clever dogs, this book is for you." -Don Messerschmidt, Literary Dogs
This story is the perfect tale of unconditional love. We get to see things through the eyes of a dog watching the love of Brogio's life walk in while the jealous god that cursed him tries to rip the lovers apart. Snow Blood has none of that and seeks to help Brogio and Selene be together! Fun, fast read!" -Lea Lyanna, BookBeasties
"I love Carol's books on Snow Blood. I know 5 is the highest rating, but they deserve a 10. I can not wait to see what happens next." DConner
New Book Journal features Snow Blood with some info on Luke's Tale.

Go to http://askdavid.com/preview/8306 for a preview of Snow Blood.

And, here's more info on Snow Blood!

“A real surprise find for me. Being a dog person I was tempted but I only reluctantly ventured out to read this book about a white husky who becomes vampire. To my relief and joy the concept really worked! … The drama, the suspense and the perspective are excellent, and I no doubt will make my way through this canine paranormal series. Well done!” ~Christoph Fischer


10 Best Vampire Books

By Carol McKibben

1. ‘Salem’s Lot by Stephen King

I read this years ago, and I was terrified throughout the entire book. If I heard a noise in the house while I was reading it, I’d have to go investigate it! I’ve never had a book terrify me as much since. Ben Mears returns to his home town to write about the Marsten House, where he witnessed something terrible as a child. His arrival coincides with the new owner taking possession of the Marsten House, and darkness quickly spreads. Salem’s Lot is steeped in Gothic tradition. But it uses King’s natural gift and love for writing small towns being torn apart. The evil that seeps out of the Marsten House turns everyone against each other, resulting in a fantastically chilling novel. For me, it is quite possibly the greatest vampire book ever written.

2. Dracula by Bram Stoker

This story has been told over and over in film and television. So, it’s easy to forget how powerful the original is. Harker’s trip to Transylvania is terrifying. This masterpiece has often been imitated but rarely outdone.

3. Interview with a Vampire by Anne Rice

Anne Rice’s has had the most influential interpretation of vampire novels since Bram Stoker. Her vampires are elegant, disaffected, beautiful, tragic creations. While her later novels focus on Lestat, it’s Claudia, Louis and Lestat at the center of this first novel that makes it so memorable.

4. Twilight by Stephanie Meyer (and the entire Twilight Series)

Okay, I admit it. I loved the Twilight series, particularly the first book. Isabella Swan and Edward Cullen make for an alluring couple. A human and a vampire couple who find themselves balancing their razor-sharp desire for each other and the danger that surrounds them. I loved it because it was so romantic and suspenseful at the same time. It’s a great love story with lots of spunk. The entire series captivated me.

5. Dead Until Dark (Sookie Stackhouse #1) by Charlaine Harris (and the True Blood Series)

How could I resist the combination of a mind-reading heroine, newly legal vampires, a serial killer, a shape-shifter? The plot is tightly woven, and the psychological effects are fascinating and disturbing at the same time! It’s a real gripper! I loved the entire series!

6. Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter by Seth Grahame-Smith

This is an interesting concept that is flawlessly executed! The author went the distance to create a plausible melding of vampire mayhem and history. It was well-researched, and the history was on target. It’s an unexpected surprise and a wonderful, fun read!

7. The Queen of the Damned by Anne Rice

This is amazingly different from the first two books (Interview with a Vampire and The Vampire Lestat) of The Vampire Chronicles. Several new characters are introduced, a number of truly old vampires we have only heard of up until now become part of the action, and the story is woven together into a mosaic much more wide in scope from what has come before. It’s Lestat’s book, but he isn’t the focus. He narrates his own role in events, but much of the book is written in the third person. The action is spread out over six thousand years from one end of the world to the other, with a lot of mythology taking the place of the energetic action of the earlier novels.

8. I Am Legend by Richard Matheson

Richard Matheson’s 1954 novel is one of the greatest vampire stories ever written. Robert Neville is the sole survivor of a vampire plague. He lives in a boarded up house which he only leaves during the daytime to hunt. At night, the monsters return the favor, taunting him through the boarded-up windows. The power of his isolation and the powerful moral twist of the book’s finale make it a must-read.

9. The Shepherd by Travis Luedke

I have to include my friend Travis Luedke’s book, The Shepherd. It totally took me by surprise. From the uncensored male teen dialogue to the games girls will play, I totally returned to high school. Travis captured the entire clique strata. The story is about Mike, who has had visions that he doesn’t discuss. His life is depressing with an unemployed, emotionally absent, alcoholic father. Then, we meet Nadia, a young girl Mike nearly hits with his car. She is quirky and mysterious, and she totally connects to Mike. We don’t know who she is, where she’s from or why she acts as if she’s always known Mike. Strange and awful things begin to happen, and Nadia is the key. Travis keeps this tale going in high gear with twists and revelations and will captivate you all the way to the end.

10. The Vampire Tapestry by Suzy McKee Charnas

Stephen King said he couldn’t put this book down. I think he called it “unputdownable.” I agree. Even though the New York Times Book Review called it one of the genre’s few modern classics, it hasn’t gotten much notice. Try it. You’ll like it!


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Carol McKibben graduated from the University of Kentucky with a degree in Secondary Education and a minor in Journalism. She went on to earn a Master’s of Arts in Teaching (MAT) from Rollins College. After teaching English and Journalism for a decade, she was offered the opportunity to join Miramar Communications, the 8th largest publishing house west of the Mississippi in Los Angeles.

Working her way up from editorial and then as Director of Market Development, she became the publisher of Special Events magazine (a trade publication for all those working in the events industry) that she helped launch in 1984. In addition, she created a companion trade show, The Special Event, for which she was also the director for a decade, planning every aspect – from exhibits to educational conferences and events.

During that time, she earned her Certified Special Events Professional (CSEP) designation and helped found the International Special Events Society (ISES) of which she was international president from 1999-2000. She co-authored The Dictionary of Event Management for ISES and helped write the study guides for the CSEP exam.

She was a magazine publisher for both consumer and trade magazines for 20+ years. She has written numerous articles and conducted a myriad of seminars, often speaking to large audiences for both The Special Event and ISES. She was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award from the special events industry in 1999.

In 2007, she began a freelance writing and editing career, working with other authors to help them realize their dreams. She has published Luke’s Tale, Riding Through It and Snow Blood Season 1. Luke’s Tale and Snow Blood are targeted to a YA market. Luke’s Tale was included in the Summer Solstice Top 12 Book Pick List. Carol writes from the heart of a dog’s eyes. Her books help support her dog rescue efforts and focus on unconditional love.

Carol is married to Mark McKibben, a broadcast engineering sales professional and experienced airplane pilot, and they have two grown children, Rett and Stephanie, and three grandchildren, Lauren, Diesel and Slater. Their current “babies” are Neo, their 117-lb. Labradoodle, a trained therapy dog, and Binks, a black Labrador Retriever rescue. Together Mark and Carol work with the Los Angeles Animal Rescue and Wings of Rescue to save the precious lives of endangered dogs.

Carol is a firm believer in Maya Angelou’s quote:” I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” She believes that angels were her inspiration for Luke’s Tale – a Story of Unconditional Love and feels that even though the Snow Blood Series is about the original vampire and his kindred dog, that theme carries through. “There’s a method to my madness,” she states. “The world is waiting for love to overcome hate. I feel that my purpose is to show others how to love unconditionally, just as dogs love us we should love each other.”

Carol’s other favorite quote is one that her husband taught her. “I love myself more when I am with you.”

Carol ,Neo and Binks are currently working on Snow Blood Season 2.

To learn even more about Carol, go to http://www.carolmckibben.com

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