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#SciFi Book Tour for The Argon Factor by Heather Harlow @HeatherMHarlow #Kindle

Welcome to the Book Tour for Heather Harlow's The Argon Factor. This is an exciting, edge of your seat and action packed story about what could happen in our future if technology gets ahead of us. Already climbing the Sci-Fi and Fantasy charts it has reached both the #1 slots for Universe and Solar System. Oh and did we mention that there is an attraction in this story lurking just beneath the surface? Mark our words readers this is going to be a good one. So strap yourselves in, because this is your first stop on The Argon Factor book tour. 

In a futuristic world, where Earth’s cities are still recovering from being ravaged by gang wars, cyber crime is at it’s peak and threatens the world’s digitized monetary supply. 

Susan Caldwell is a newly hired security development manager at GTS, the company that controls the world’s monetary supply and data. The sophisticated systems have been hacked and now people on Susan’s team are being killed while they try to fix the breach. 

Susan, who trusts no man, must rely upon the GTS CEO, Christoph Baldric, to keep her safe. Little does she know that he’s the Argon alien commander on Earth. She’s not interested in him, doesn’t want a hookup with him, but is extremely attracted to him. Susan has her own plans and will be having a baby through the fertility clinic. She’s excited about her pending future, that is, if she is still alive. 

Christoph Baldric’s mission is to protect the Earth’s humans and nurture them so that eventually his people can merge with the humans. Christoph’s planet, Argon, was blown up when their major sun exploded into a black hole. The people of Argon have been studying and nurturing Earth for many millennia as a new, potential home. Now is the time to make Earth their home and begin merging with Earth’s humans, making both races stronger. 

But first, the Argonians must save Earth from the Grogan’s, the Argon nemesis from their home universe, Baldracon, who want to eliminate all life on Earth and take the planet for their own.

After he laid her down on the bed, he slowly peeled off her t-shirt and jeans, kissing her skin here and there along the way.  He kissed her stomach as his hands started easing her panties down and off her legs. He kissed down her right leg to her knee, then over to her left knee and back up again. 

She squirmed underneath him.  She wanted to kiss him again and she wanted to touch him.  He was tickling her, kissing her inner thighs.  Alas, he was still just teasing her, as he kissed his way back to her bra. 

He reached under her, then deftly unhooked and removed it, before giving all his attention to her nipples.  He moved back and forth between sucking on one and fondling the other.  He knew the constant stimulation was working her up, because her hips had started moving and circling.  She was a delight underneath him.  But he wanted more now and he needed to get out of his clothes.

Christoph stepped back from the bed to stand and take off all his clothes.  He approached her and touched their bodies together, as he started kissing her again.  Her legs automatically moved to accommodate him. He slipped inside her easily, because she was so incredibly wet. 

He moved slowly at first.  He kept kissing her, and exploring her mouth, as he began to bury himself in her.  His pace was slow, sensual, and steady, but with each thrust, he seemed to go deeper and deeper.

Susan was beginning to lose her mind.  His slow and firm strokes were working her up, and she couldn’t stand the slow pace anymore.  She grabbed his shoulders and said, “Faster, faster,” as she locked her ankles around his hips and buttocks. 

He moved faster and gave her what she wanted.  He could feel her grip on his shoulders grow stronger with the same intensity as her grip on his penis.  He knew she was close when she begged, breathlessly, “Faster! Deeper! Don’t stop – please!”

It was all the encouragement he needed, and he released more of the control he had been keeping on his Argon abilities.  She started moaning really loud, and she screamed his name when he felt the sudden wetness implode inside her. He immediately slowed his pace to a more human rhythm and depth.  Back and forth, he slowed further down, as her hands fell from his shoulders and her ankles relaxed around his back.  He could feel her wetness increasing.  She was shaking and pulsing with aftershocks.

Heather’s Bio
Heather Harlow has wanted to be an author since adolescence.  The Argon Factor is her first book in a series about aliens from the planet Argon.
She’s always been a fan of superheroes:  Batman and Robin, Spiderman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Six Million Dollar Man, and the Bionic Woman.
She likes sci-fi movies and series, like Star Trek and Battle Star Galactica. More recently, she’s been enjoying the Avenger movies. In addition to her sci-fi interests, she’s a romantic.   Therefore, it was natural for her to write about science fiction and combine it with a human interest story that has sex and romance in it.
Heather graduated from University of Memphis (BBA) and Tennessee Technological University (MBA).  Her day job is in IT at a major telecommunications company.  She currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia with her dogs, Mickey (13), a Golden Retriever, Jack (5mos), a black Lab/shepherd mix, and two cats, Smokey and Cali.
She loves wine, good music, great food, the beach, swimming, exercising, football (college and NFL), World Cup Soccer, and NHL Playoffs.

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