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Book Blast, Giveaway & Top Ten: Return by @maxwmiller

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Egyptian Moon Series

Book 1

Max W. Miller

Genre: New Adult Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Ironshield Marking LLC

ISBN: 9780985595562


Number of pages: 218 pages

Word Count: 67,000 words

Cover Artist: Kat Murphy

Book Description:

A young lady has to learn how to function on a college campus without the guidance of her parents while dealing with reincarnation. How will she fight and win the battle against the aggressive soul of an ancient Egyptian princess who is determined to RETURN.

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Chapter Snippets

Chapter One

Since my sophomore year of high school, my dad, Dr. Eli Christopher Smart III, a noted Professor of Neurological Surgery at Duke University—totally white, but born in Cairo, Egypt—had started creating his idea of the perfect pre-college family trip. He and I were scheduled to travel to Egypt to tour the ruins of ancient cities. Mom had refused to come with us.


I did know about the power of the pharaohs and how a few of them may have been women in disguise. I’d always thought of that as very interesting. Queen Nefertiti was my favorite ancient woman of power.

One part of ancient Egyptian lifestyle rang quite clear and it disgusted me. How gross was it for the pharaohs to marry their own children, and how gross to expect a sister to marry a brother—not cool at all. Eeeew.


It bothered me that this wide hall was dimly lit, with yellowish lights. I squinted, trying to see where the hall ended. It seemed to go on past forever. Even more distressing, my personal nemesis showed up—a quivering of my left eyelid, a telltale signal that something would come to change my life and not in a positive way.

“Damn,” I muttered and loosened my grip on Tyler’s arm to grab his hand tightly. The last time my left eye did this crazy quivering dance, we received the news of Papa’s death. Squeezing my eyes shut, I prayed silently, “Please, God, don’t let anything else happen to my family, please.”


“Stop it, Megan. You know I hate horror flicks. Why you want to talk about that while we’re walking down this creepy ass hall? Upstairs looks like a palace, but down here came right out the macabre, man. Reminds me too much of a neighborhood I used to live in, too much old dusty crap. This place just ain’t right, man. And I came all the way to New York for this—”

“Okay, Tyler, I get it.”

“A freaking nuclear holocaust, the land that time forgot. And I don’t believe they paid all the light bills, it’s too damn dark down here.”

I giggled as Tyler led me around a stack of old furniture.

Mom couldn’t resist letting her sage wisdom flow. She stepped backward then leaned to reach my ears. “He ought to be ashamed of himself, keeping this establishment in this condition. The nerve of him, bringing us down here to this dusty storage area for things they don’t want. Well, he can have our bills from the cleaners.”

The hard pounding inside my chest eased after teasing with Tyler and listening to Mom. Funny how opposites combined to lighten my anxiety—a disgruntled mom and a total hottie boyfriend gave me another chance to forget that I was supposed to be in Egypt.



Top 10 Things of Interest and Maybe Shocking About My Research of the Ancient Egyptian Culture

1) In all, there were about 170 ancient Egyptian pharaohs in the period from 3150 BCE to about 31 BCE.

2) A few were women in disguise.

3) Egyptian pharaohs wore ceremonial clothes. Many of the things that they wore or carried were symbols of their power and position in Egyptian

4) The tiny cobra on top of the pharaoh’s crown is called a uraeus. The uraeus is an upright cobra. It means that the pharaoh is ready to strike his enemies with venom.

5) Whenever you see a pharaoh shown as a sphinx, the sphinx will have the uraeus on his crown.

6) An Egyptian coffin was called a sarcophagus. Within the covers of Egyptian Moon - Return, Megan’s star quarterback boyfriend ran away when one was opened.

7) The ancient Egyptian pharaohs believed in keeping their bloodline pure. Pharaohs normally married a number of wives, and their own sister and even their child might well be one of them, often the chief wife-'Great royal wife' as she was known.

8) The ancient Egyptians believed that the most attractive women tended to be the fertile ones.

9) Adultery among the lay people in Egypt was wrong. Women got the worst punishment for adultery - a man might just be forced into a divorce, but a woman could conceivably be killed for that crime.

10) Unmarried women, on the other hand, seem to be free to choose partners as they so desire, and enjoy their love life to its fullest.




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Max W. Miller was born in Savannah, Georgia, but has lived in North Carolina with her husband and two children for many years. She comes from a large family with eight siblings who have also experienced supernatural encounters.

Max enjoys writing science fiction, fantasy, and all things paranormal because she believes that we have three distinct parts to our being—body, mind and spirit (soul), and that other life forms in other realms are just as real as we are. In her writing, Max uses popular fantasy, science fiction and paranormal topics such as aliens, ghosts, and witches, and expresses them in a way that is highly entertaining and thought provoking.

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  1. I've long since been fascinated by Egyptian history in mythology. One of my favorite places to visit is the Temple of Dendur at the Met Museum in NYC. My long-time online handle (pre-dating the one used here) is LadyAnubis. I'd love to check out the Egyptian Moon series!

    1. I meant "history AND mythology" .... sorry for the typo!