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Book Blast & Top Ten: Stranger In Paradise by @barbarabretton

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clip_image002Stranger In Paradise

Home Front

Book Two

Barbara Bretton

Genre: Post -World War 2 Romance

Publisher: Free Spirit Press

Date of Publication: October 15, 2014

ISBN: 9781940665085


Number of pages: 347

Word Count: approx. 70,000

Cover Artist: Tammy Seidick

Blurb/Book Description:

Before they became The Greatest Generation, they were young men and women in love . . .

The year is 1953 and London is throwing the party of the century. Even though the ravages of World War II are still visible throughout the kingdom, the world is gathering on the Mall to celebrate the coronation of England's beautiful young queen.

For almost ten years, journalist Mac Weaver has been far from his New York home. America has changed since the war ended and he wonders if there's still a place for him in the land of backyard barbecues and a new Ford in every driveway.

However a chance encounter with beautiful English reporter Jane Townsend is about to change his life forever. As the new monarch waves from the window of her fairy-tale glass coach, a homesick Yank and a lonely Brit fall in love.

One week later, Mr. and Mrs. Mac Weaver board the Queen Mary for New York and a guaranteed happily ever after future in the land where dreams come true.

But there are dark shadows on the horizon that threaten Mac and Jane's happiness and family scandals that just might tear them apart . . .

"This generation of Americans has a rendezvous with destiny."

--Franklin Delano Roosevelt

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My Top Ten List of 1953 Trivia

I love lists. I’ve loved them from the first moment I could hold a pencil. I love to write them, read them, collect them, laugh over them. I’ve even been known to use them as a way to wake a sleeping muse on days when the words just won’t come.

When I was researching the year 1953 for STRANGER IN PARADISE (Book 2 in The Home Front series), I had a lot of fun making a list of all the new and earthshaking innovations that became part of American life:

  1. Did you know you could buy a Uranium Burger for 45 cents in Salt Lake City?
  2. L&M Cigarettes with Alpha cellulin filters were “Just what the doctor ordered.”
  3. Romper Room with Miss Gloria and The Tonight Show with Steve Allen both debuted.
  4. We gathered around our black and white television sets in June to watch the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.
  5. The top stars at the box office were Gary Cooper, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, Alan Ladd, Bing Crosby, Jimmy Stewart, Marilyn Monroe, Susan Hayward, and Bob Hope.
  6. Both Playboy and TV Guide published their first issues. Guess which one featured a nude Marilyn Monroe?
  7. Sugar Smacks (with a whopping 56% sugar content!) appeared on our breakfast tables.
  8. Jonas Salk developed the polio vaccine.
  9. Sir Edmund Hilary and Tenzing Norgay reached the summit of Mount Everest. Like the four-minute mile, summiting Everest had long seemed an impossible dream. Since then, over four thousand people have achieved the summit while hundreds have died in the attempt.
  10. Monogram Productions canceled a movie about Hiawatha, the Native American peacemaker, because he might be viewed as a Commie sympathizer.

Welcome to 1953!

It might seem like a Happy Days world of barbecues and drive-in movies, but there much more going on just beneath the surface as Jane Townsend and Mac Weaver discover in STRANGER IN PARADISE.

Happy reading!




A full-fledged Baby Boomer, Barbara Bretton grew up in New York City during the Post-World War II 1950s with the music of the Big Bands as the soundtrack to her childhood. Her father and grandfather served in the navy during the war. Her uncles served in the army. None of them shared their stories.

But her mother, who had enjoyed a brief stint as Rosie the Riveter, brought the era to life with tales of the Home Front that were better than any fairy tale. It wasn’t until much later that Barbara learned the rest of the story about the fiancé who had been lost in the war, sending her mother down a different path that ultimately led to a second chance at love . . . and to the daughter who would one day tell a little part of that story.

There is always one book that’s very special to an author, one book or series that lives deep inside her heart. SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY and STRANGER IN PARADISE, books 1 and 2 of the Home Front series, are Barbara’s. She hopes they’ll find a place in your heart too.




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