Sunday, April 6, 2014

Guest Author Ruthie Henrick shares her writing experience while writing Twice in a Lifetime



One of the most often questions I was asked after I finished Twice in a Lifetime was how I decided the heat level of the book. Because it was my first novel I had to decide whether to leave the bedroom door closed or open, invite the reader to participate, or find that place in between that was right for the book.

As a reader I enjoy a variety of spice in my books. But when I started writing I honestly wasn’t sure yet what level of sex I would be comfortable writing. I did a lot of experimenting with levels of heat in the scenes, trying to stay true to the characters’ personalities and the progression of their relationships. This was all fun for me and such a learning experience! These scenes ranged from merely wrought with sexual tension to full on sheet-scorching. In the end I decided that while I enjoyed everything in the writing process, it was kind of weird to give Allie explicit sex scenes. She ends up with more than one guy during the course of the book. I didn’t like the idea of showing her having hot sex with two different guys.

But no worries! There are plenty of toe-curling, belly fluttering moments. And raw emotion aimed to keep you turning—or swiping—pages until you reach the end. If you love a book with characters realistic enough you might meet them next door; whose lives can make you cry and then laugh, who you can like and love, hate, feel sorry for and then rejoice with, Twice in a Lifetime is the book for you!

And if you decide you just gotta have the heat turned up, stay tuned for Heart of Dixie, the first book in my new small town contemporary romance series.

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