Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Author Cage ~ Author Elisa Marion steps into the cage today.


Today in author cage we have author Elise Marion, one of the contributing authors of today’s Anthology Blast- Afternoon Delights. We would like to thank Elise fort stopping by and sharing with us today. So here we go…



Welcome to Darkest Cravings, tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m an author of romance in a variety of subgenres. My reading tastes are eclectic, so my work reflects that. I love moving from Historical to Paranormal, from sweet to spicy. I love it all! When I’m not writing or reading, I’m taking care of my family, which includes three kids and a husband who might as well be one.

When did you first consider yourself a “writer”?

When I was 12 years old and wrote my first novel.

Writing adult fiction isn’t for everyone, how did you end up writing for the toughest audience?

I have always had a love of romance. In high school I latched on to the genre and for the longest time it was the only genre I would read. I think that makes me more than qualified to write for this audience. After all, I’ve been a part of that audience for most of my life.

Most of the intimidating parts of being an adult fiction writer is the steamy scenes, how did you overcome the “stage fright”?

I’ve never had stage fright, to be honest. Yes, it is hard at times to craft a love scene that is sensual, emotional, and beyond that, to write them over and over again without getting repetitive. But I don’t let it intimidate me. I just let it glow organically and then polish and tweak until it’s just right. As I always say, if it makes me hot while writing it, it should make readers hot while reading it.

Which fictional character would you like to go on a date with? Why?

Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones. Yes, he’s a Dwarf, but he’s pretty badass and I think we’d have fun together.

What was the first adult fiction novel that you read? What was your reaction?

My first romance was by Danielle Steele. I want to say it was Palomino, which I also loved! I was a Danielle Steel junkie for years after that!

Your favorite adult fiction book is-?

Geez, I have so many and it changes. More recently my favorite has been Lord of Scoundrels by Loretta Chase

Your favorite Author is-?

That’s a tough one. I have a few. Julia Quinn, Johanna Lindsey, George RR Martin, and more recently, Courtney Milan

We all have a treasured possession, what is yours?

I still have the outfits my kids wore home their first day from the hospital. I will always have them.

Are your characters based on real people or did you create them from scratch?

I create all my characters from scratch, but I do impart pieces of myself on each of them, sort of a signature.

Do you think adult fiction have reached its full potential yet, or are we still in for a huge surprise?

I think great new things are always on the horizon. I will say, though, that trends will come and go but good stories are always what matters. I think that’s why there will always be potential for greatness that exceeds our expectations.

Do you think adult fiction helps improves relationships?

I think that depends. It can, but only if you remember that fiction is not reality. If we all started holding the men in our lives up to romance heroes (or even erotica heroes in the bedroom), we may not be able to appreciate what we do have and what’s really important.

If you have to pitch adult fiction to someone that’s too shy to read it, what would you pitch?

I can’t think of a specific title right now, but definitely something that’s sensual without crossing over into outright spicy. Have to break ‘em in easy!

What is your motto?

When failure happens, don’t let it hold you down. Use it as a reason to get back up.

If you want to find out more about Elise and her her books, check out today’s book blast of Afternoon Delights.

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