Monday, March 3, 2014

Oops I Did It Again ~ Tequila – Wild Child.


Tequila – Wild Child.

Each of us has that ONE sweet friend you adore the most. Such an angel - with that soft heart you just want to give a hug when you see her. Well I do and I'm lucky enough to have her as mine!

Me and Dianne is about the same age - her being married for 4 years with 2 kids - we all struggle with weight issues and as soon as baby nr 2 appeared she set off on her quest to lose weight - and so after a year she lost 28kg and she felt amazing! We were so happy for her and felt that she needed a makeover! New hairstyle. And a few new outfits soothed her soul and with the upcoming of our yearly festival she couldn't wait showing of her inner goddess.

Dianne is quiet and shy - never the party animal... Always taking care of others!

And so the festival was on and we all were off to see the 19:00 show - Snotcop and Leanie -Mae was entertaining us for the night!

Dianne looked stunning and so happy. In the corner of the hall was a bar and we all set off for some refreshments. The men were very spontaneous as always - and even Dianne took a few shots herself!

And the later it got, the buzzier Dianne became! I thing from all her dieting she forgot to keep in mind that she didn't have anything to eat and all the alcohol rushed to her head. But we didn't mind because it was her time to shine!!

It was hard word keeping up with her going in and out like a jumping ball - she was all miss social - rambling without silence to anyone and everyone. Even her husband couldn't keep up.

My eyes searching for her outside in the crowd and I walked over to her - but there's no stopping miss social tonight!! O no. She went off like the wind towing me in one hand giggling to herself and stopped at n table packed with Tequila - and she took a glass in each hand jolting both down in one stroke! Damn she's pasted. She took a cigarette from a random guy standing face to face - her keeping him in eye while smoking it.

Shocked - I turned my head I saw her brother in law eyeing her with total fury - marching towards us!

He pulled her arm towards him - snatched the cigarette from her mouth and threw it on the ground accusing Dianne of having an affair with this total stranger??!!!

I was still doing the gawking WTF thing - while he turned around to find Dianne's husband to tell him of her 'affair', I was still running to keep up into the hall trying to fix this 'misunderstanding' which for me was totally hilariously funny!! We almost reached the dancing crowd. Towards Dianne’s husband when suddenly Dianne aka GI Jane - came flying through the AIR ALL raging - landing right onto Jeff's (brother in law) back!!!! Shocked and somewhat amazed at Dianne’s new found talent - she went all cowgirl on him pulling his shirt riding him like a cowboy!!!! JEe-Haw! She screamed madly pulling Jeff’s shirt firmly into grip while with the other hand fisting him in his ribs for trying to ruin her marriage with his misinterpretation of what happened outside!! Jeff all wild eyed screaming for help tripped and fell to the ground between the crowd. I ran closer to make sure I was seeing straight and found them still on the ground with Dianne looking like a mad cow - smudging his face into the ground while he's screaming for air. We were banned from the show. While we drove back home in silence - Dianne all ashamed - too drunk to stay awake passed out in the back seat drooling all over me. Jeff all muddy faced and torn shirt and broken nose, sitting in the passenger seat looking worn out. Dianne’s husband still trying to make sense of his sweet wife’s new found talents. And me... Giggling in the back... It was a night to remember.

So guys, just remain calm and first ask a girl what she is doing.

Mrs. Oops out.


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