Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Author Cage: Jeffe Kennedy is bringing it !!


Whohoo!! Our second author cage is also a Only The Brave one. Today we have Jeffe Kennedy on the blog and she is bringing it! Hell yeah, we love this part of author cage. The bravery of these authors are just freaking amazing!

Are you ready??

Welcome to Darkest Cravings, tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m an author of several genres – erotic romance, contemporary, BDSM, fantasy, fantasy romance. I’ve also written poetry and non-fiction, though I don’t do that as much these days. I live in sunny Santa Fe, New Mexico and have an amazing view from my desk. I’ve pretty much always been a western girl – grew up in Denver, lived in Wyoming for over 20 years. I’m migrating south, but love the Rocky Mountain West.

Writing adult fiction isn’t for everyone, how did you end up writing for the toughest audience?

It’s the toughest audience? I’d never heard that! How is that measured? (I should have mentioned I was educated as a scientist. Quantify that!)

I don’t really PLAN what genre I’m writing in or for which audience. This is likely why I mix up my genres so much. I just write the story. Sex pretty much always turns up. That’s just who I am.

Most of the intimidating parts of being an adult fiction writer is the steamy scenes, how did you overcome the “stage fright”?

Hmm. I’m not sure I ever had the “stage fright.” In Anne Rice’s EXIT TO EDEN, the heroine Lisa says that she thinks she was born without the gene that makes people think sex is bad. For me, as long as no one is being manipulated, everything about sex is good. It’s part of being human. One of the best parts!

Which fictional character would you like to go on a date with? Why?

Roarke. So I can steal him away from Eve.

Your favorite adult fiction books is-?

Oh, there are so many! But if we’re talking strictly erotic books, I’d probably pick Anais Nin’s Delta of Venus.

Do you think adult fiction have reached its full potential yet, or are we still in for a huge surprise?

I don’t know about surprises, but I think the genre is endless. There are always more characters to explore and good fiction is always about the people, for me.

We all have a treasured possession, what is yours?

Well, if we’re talking what I’d grab in a fire, my two Maine Coon cats and then my laptop.

Are your characters based on real people or did you create them from scratch?

MASTER OF THE OPERA is a little different in that I based the story on The Phantom of the Opera, so I drew from the established characters in that. I changed the names and modernized their backgrounds. An interesting thing happened from there, that they then became their own people. Christine, in particular, had to show me who she was, because in the Phantom stories written by men she’s mainly a trophy.

Do you think adult fiction helps improves relationships?

Absolutely! I’m amazed how many readers write to me and say they shared my books with their husbands. Sometimes they report back on the results, took which always is a kick!

If you have to pitch adult fiction to someone that’s too shy to read it, what would you pitch?

Of my work? I’d say start with something like Rogue’s Pawn, book 1 in Covenant of Thorns, which has a slow ramp-up. Otherwise, I suggest that readers who haven’t delved into the really erotic stuff start with hot contemporaries, like Nora Roberts or Megan Mulry. A nice swim in the shallow end. ;-)

What is your motto?

Fuck’em if they can’t take a joke.

Seriously. Never worry about what other people think. About anything.

You have a few steamy moments in your novel. Were they created from fantasy or is there real life experience behind it?

Some of both!

Why did you choose a more experienced woman rather than a virgin?

Because Christine’s character largely rests on her being the ingénue – the inexperienced young woman – she needed to be young. I made her be fresh out of college with her first job. That said, I thought it was unrealistic for her to be a virgin. She has body issues and hasn’t ventured into kink, however. This lays the groundwork for her encounters with the Master to expand her horizons.

Foreplay, some say it’s just a waste of energy, others feel that it’s a must. You’re opinion?

I think all sex is good sex. However anybody likes it is how they should get to have it.

What sexual position is your favorite?

Amusingly, missionary totally does it for me. I like the others, but something about having a man’s weight pressing down on my whole body… mmm.

Have you ever used your nails and left marks?

Unfortunately, yes. I try to remember not to, but I tend to forget in the extremity. Fortunately, none of them have minded. They even kind of like it.

Do you think lingerie is a must for a relationship?

My same answer, lol! Nothing is a must. Whatever people like is what they like. If flannel pj’s rock your world, go on with your bad self!

Are you a screamer or the bite it down kind of lover?

I can’t be both? :D

Why did you choose to write Paranormal/Fantasy?

I love fantasy and magic. In the 7th grade, I wrote a 20-page term paper on the historical likelihood that unicorns actually existed. My classmates thought I was nuts – both on account of the unicorns and that I wrote so much. Oops. Now I write novels trying to prove the same point – that there’s magic in the world.

There is a lot of biting in your novel, are you a biter yourself?


What creature/species do you think makes the ultimate lover?

I think humans are pretty damn good at it. In my Covenant of Thorns series, I have a fae man who is my fantasy of what the ultimate lover would be like.

What creature/species if you’re favorite?

I love them all!

Have you ever participated in BDSM?

Yes, though I’m not a lifestyle person.

BDSM have been describe as the ultimate form of trust between two people, do you agree?

Absolutely. That’s why it’s fascinating for me to write about – the tremendous power of that trust and intimacy.

Any favorite toys?

Hard to beat ye olde vibrator!

Does pain really enhance the sexual experience?

It depends on the person. Done correctly, though, pain should amp up the nervous system, which means it’s more sensitive to pleasure also.

Who is the better Dom? Male or Female? / You’re perfect male Dom would be?/ You’re perfect female Dom would be?

I’ll answer all three of these together. I don’t think dominating a lover is a male or female thing. It’s all about the personality of the person. Taking the domination role requires sensitivity and alertness. It’s sexy partly because the Dom is wholly focused on their lover, paying attention to everything about them. Someone who’s willing to – and good at – paying attention is the perfect Dom.

What is you’re perfect game setup?

These answers make me sound like a traditionalist, but I’m a fan of the basic tied-down and sensually tortured scenario. Anticipation and denial make for the best tension – and release.

Thanks for joining us today Jeffe you have been amazing, and utterly brave. To find out more about Jeffe and her books check it out here.


  1. Thanks for hosting me! When do I find out if I WIN THE CAGE MATCH???

  2. lol I think author cage is going to bring a few gasps. thnx for being here on the blog and being such a sport :-)