Friday, January 10, 2014

Female of The Day ~ Bella from The Black Dagger Brotherhood


So today’s female of the day is the very brave and stubborn Bella from The Black Dagger Brotherhood. This woman fell head over heals for the brotherhoods most feared vampire male – Zsadist. With his twisted and tortured past Zsadist was not the guy you wanted to meet in a dark ally. Scared and ruthless, he is or lets say was the meanest brother on the team. That is until Bella got hold of him. Falling in love with him from the moment she saw him, she battled forth until he succumb to her will.


"Why?" she said softly. "Why does it—"
"Just get the fuck out of here,please ." He could barely get the words out. "I'm about to destroy
something. And I don't want it to be you."
"You won't hurt me."
He closed his eyes. "Goddamn. What is it with you refined types? Are you bred to get off on torturing
"Good lord, no. I just want to help you."
"Liar," he spat, eyes popping open. "You're such a liar. You don't want to help me, you want to poke
the rattlesnake with a stick just to see what it does."
"That's not true. At least… not now."
His gaze went cold, soulless. And his voice lost all intonation. "You want me? Fine. You can fucking
have me."

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