Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Trailer of The Day: Monster (Impossible #1) By Julia Sykes


So one of things we said we are not going to do with this section is plan ahead. Why? We want to discover a trailer at that very moment when we search for one. We type in s set of words for example, werewolf and adult book trailer. The search engine kicks out a few options and we close our eyes and just pick one. That’s the most exciting part of a book trailer, you get to see inside a book, get some great snippets of what its about and what you can expect. So with this section we want to go out there and just kick it.

Our pick for today is Monster (Impossible #1) by Julia Sykes. From what the trailer plays out we have a prisoner captor scenario, at first she hates him and pleads for her freedom. But when he becomes her protector she chains herself to him and then have to make a hard decision – stay or betray him? Hell yeah this one looks awesome. Check it out.

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