Monday, January 13, 2014

Oops I did it Again ~ The Fine Art of Rugby...


The Fine Art of Rugby...

Rugby is loved by most - played only by the best and understood by the rest. For men it’s like breathing in a sense of a word. Even women are loyal supporters of this sport. Then there's me... Love the crowd and the adrenalin about rugby - not so up to date on rules and regulations. But damn - nothing like a buffed up hunk that has heart for his sport! I truly enjoy the view ;) Whether its rugby on TV or town rugby team playing.. We are there! Husbands, wife’s, kids everyone supporting our town.

The finals was in town and it was in the middle of winter. Nothing warms up cold weather like 'old brown sherry' does. It was chilly outside. But strangely enough after that glass of OBS I didn't feel the cold at all!! We lost with one point that night but we partied as if they won! Next morning it felt as if I played the game! Even my joints ache in pain! All the men decided to go hunting and were out whole day. At sundown hubby called wanting me to come and join the barbeque - but I was really not in the mood for another late night - so hubby suggested I should go fetch him so he can go home as well. Still on my way to the game farm hubby phones saying there is someone that wants to speak to me. One of his friends is a very loudish and a party animal kind of guy and he doesn’t take no for an answer. Thinking it was him, he asked me over the phone... "Please come and BBQ with us." And before I can help myself I answered, "Please don't make us stay tonight. My liver is singing “are you still thinking of me..?” My pancreas is knocking on a door I can't find and I'm seriously having a PMS - moment here. I feel crappy and my stomach is in knots - please let me go home please!?............. Usually he will laugh and give the phone back. But there was a stressing deadly quiet on the other side. Then a man said '”Do you know who you are talking to jess?? Its preacher Henry speaking jess..... I almost rolled the car. And dropped the phone and wished I could be one of those normal people that - when someone asked how you are just answer a normal answer like “I'm fine thank you!” Since then whenever Preacher Henry phones he immediately says “Hi jess its Preacher Henry speaking - how are you??' ......

My lessons in life just never seem to stop.

Mrs. Oops out


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